The viewing materials requirements for many of our categories have changed. Check the HPA Awards entry rules for complete entry information for your specific category.

Please contact the HPA Awards office at info@hpaawards.net or 213-614-0860 if you have questions regarding these changes.

General Rules and Procedures FAQ’s

Q. Is any single company limited in the number of submissions it can make in a particular category?

A. No

Q. Is there a limit to the number of entries that an artist can make?

A. There is no limit to the number of times an artist can enter for awards consideration as long as each entry is for a different project or each entry for the same project is in a different category.

Q. We have a commercial campaign consisting of 4 separate spots and we want to enter them all for HPA awards. Do you have a campaign fee or discounted entry price for multiple entries?

A. We do not have a “campaign” category and therefore, do not offer a group discount. Each spot would need to be submitted as an individual entry.

Q. Can separate films be cut together into one submission media?

A. No (see section C, point #12).

Q. My studio is in London and I would like to enter my work for consideration in the HPA Awards. Do you accept international entries?

A. Yes.

Q Must I be a member of the Hollywood Professional Association?

A. No.

Q. Do all overseas entries need to be converted to NTSC or can they be entered in their native formats?

A. All entries need to be submitted in US standard NTSC format.

Q. Can I pay for my entry by credit card?

A. Due to the way that we process entries, we can only accept payment by check. If you plan on making multiple entries, you are welcome to send in one check to cover all of your entries. If a check is not an option, we can accept credit cards or EFT’s in limited cases. Please contact info@hpaawards.net to discuss.

Category Eligibility FAQ’s

Q. Are documentaries eligible in any category?

A. Yes, documentaries are eligible in the feature or television categories as long as they meet all eligibility requirements.

Q. In the case of the Feature Film categories, does a movie have to have a US release or does a foreign commercial release count towards eligibility?

A. A film is not required to have a US domestic release as long as it fulfills all other eligibility requirements.

Q. If I am entering a project in one of the television categories can I include footage from an entire season, or should the footage be from one episode only?

A. The category recognizes a single episode, rather than a series. Therefore each entry will need to be submitted with footage from a single episode.

Q. I have a question about entrant eligibility for the Visual Effects categories. I see that Visual Effects Artists are eligible but the commercial that we produced relied heavily on the talents of a 3D artist as well. Are 3D artists also eligible for this award?

A. If you feel a 3D artist should be considered a nominee, please send a petition with your entry.

Q. “Making Of” clips are required for Visual Effects entries. Will a “Before and After” sequence be sufficient? Does the “Making Of” need to have audio commentary on it?

A. A “Before and After” sequence can be used as a “Making Of” if you desire, just be sure that with all “Making Of” material you do not identify any artists, companies or facilities. It is your choice whether or not you include audio commentary on your “Making Of” clip. If you can tell your story to the judges without commentary than feel free to do so.

Q. Should the “Making Of” clip be on the same media as the project being entered or should it be on separate media?

A. “Making Of” clips should be placed on the same media as the content that is being submitted for Awards consideration. The proper format for the submission material would be 5 seconds of black, followed by 10 seconds of HPA Awards slate, the content that is being entered for Awards consideration, 2-3 seconds of black and finally the “Making Of” clip.

Q. I am working on an Outstanding Visual Effects for a feature film entry. My facility has the sound elements that we used while working on the movie, but these elements might differ slightly from the final theatrical version. Is it acceptable to enter the project with this sound track?

A. All entries must be submitted with the original soundtrack from the release with no alterations. If that is not available, please submit without sound, and please clearly mark the submission media as such. (Section C, point #12).

Engineering FAQ’s

Q. What is the accepted period of eligibility for entries for the Engineering Excellence Awards?

A. There is no time period requirement for Engineering Excellence submissions, other than the requirement that the product or technology must be commercially available.

Q. What are the details of the Engineering Judging Day?

A. Details will be announced toward the end of the submission period.