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18 2013 Jul

Adobe Outlines Vision: ‘We Have Data. We Have Content.’

Among Adobe’s visions for its Marketing Cloud suite of products is enabling a streamlined process of creating content and delivering it all the way through to campaign execution, the company said.

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18 2013 Jul

Will TV Become Web Video Before Web Video Becomes TV?

Many in our industry — me included — believe that the future of TV will look something like video on the Web, and that the future of online video will look something like TV. However, exactly how those transitions occur will have an enormous impact on who wins, who loses and who ends up with the money.

18 2013 Jul

Netflix Chief Ted Sarandos on Those 14 Emmy Nominations: ‘Big Change Usually Comes Very Slowly’

Netflix today became the first digitally distributed outlet to score an Emmy nomination in the series categories, with House of Cards landing one of the Best Drama slots and Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman earning a nod for Best Actor. This is a big deal…

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17 2013 Jul

YouTube Content Partners Want to Reduce Their Reliance on the Video Site

Independence isn’t easy to achieve in the nascent world of digital distribution

YouTube runs the world’s most massive and diverse video bazaar, one that’s home to more than 1 million content creators.

But with more and more online distributors getting into the market, some of the company’s longest-standing content providers are getting restless, maintaining that the site exploits its pole position as the Internet’s No. 1 video destination to extract unfair revenue-sharing terms; that it provides poor marketing; and that it doesn’t effectively sell ads against professionally produced content.

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16 2013 Jul

Apple TV grabbed 56% of streaming devices market in 2012

A market report by Frost & Sullivan called particular attention to Apple TV’s AirPlay feature, which it notes was “strategically crafted to simplify the process of transferring laptop and tablet displays to a TV screen.”

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12 2013 Jul

SMPTE 2022 and the Future of Video Over IP

As broadcasters migrate towards IP networks for video transport both outside and inside the studio, many existing, proprietary systems are being phased out in favor of products that offer interoperability based on standards. – See more at:

11 2013 Jul

4K: Ready or Not

With much less fanfare than when HDTV was introduced in the market 15 years ago, the first UHDTVs started appearing in major consumer electronics retail showrooms this spring. – See more at:

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9 2013 Jul

Anything but PowerPoint: five fresh presentation alternatives

Plenty of other tools and services are cooler, faster, easier to use, and—in almost all cases—less expensive. Read the article here:

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3 2013 Jul

Workflow: Industry Pros Face the Challenges

From the June 26, 2013 HPA SCRG Luncheon.

Is 4K the latest over-hyped fad to come from the consumer electronics marketplace? Or is it a dominant force that will replace HD, just as HD did Standard Definition? A group of experts from various parts of the industry convened to discuss the issues, from acquisition through post and distribution.

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2 2013 Jul

Sony Takes Preorders on New 4K Media Player, Ships in July

“The FMP-X1 media player is available to order at the Sony Store online and other participating online retailers,” reports Variety. “Company says the unit will arrive in customers’ homes by July 15, when it also will be available at retail.”

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