Sam Sheppard is an award winning international freelance feature film, television and commercials colorist based in London. He has been professionally color grading for over 15 years, having worked at Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Production in New Zealand. Sam specializes in new & emerging technologies including HDR, 4K/UHD, Stereoscopic 3D and multi-frame rate (HFR) productions.

Having started his career on set in Lighting & Camera departments, as well as working in the VFX department at Weta Digital, Sam has the experience and understanding of all aspects of the often complex road the image takes from set to the finishing suite. Sam is renowned for his pragmatic approach to complex workflows and is a firm believer that technical considerations should never impede the creative intent. Sam works as closely as possible with key creatives on each production as early as pre-production to create the most elegant and effective workflow possible.