Alastor Arnold, Senior Colorist

Whether working with A-list directors, or on independent films that have premiered at some of the world’s biggest film festivals, Alastor’s love for collaborating and experimenting are matched only by his diverse and impressive skillset, which ranges from VFX to stereo finishing to studio marketing. He’s been an integral member of the Fotokem team for over 20 years, having worked in the Lab, telecine, QC, online editing, and Color, and his approach to film Color is rooted in the artistic and the instinctual. For Alastor, the art of film color is more than just the ‘the look.’ It’s about stirring the emotions and moving an audience, while making sure every single frame contributes to the film’s voice. Alastor has been a member of the Visual Effects Society since 2014. https://fotokem.com/#/creative#colorists