Kelly MendelsohnKelly Mendelsohn SVP Production; Revelations Entertainmentoversees all aspects of production for the company’s film, factual and scripted television departments.  As SVP, she has worked on some of the company’s critically acclaimed projects including CBS’s Madam Secretary (currently in Season 4)the Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton film 5 Flights Up, 10 Items or Less, Levity, The C-Word, and the Emmy Award nominated documentary 16th Man.  She also serves as Co-Executive Producer on Nat Geo’s Emmy-nominated series, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman (which was just renewed for season 3), Nat Geo’s The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman, and the Cooking Channel’s Food: Fact or Fiction(currently in Season 4).  Mendelsohn has been with Revelations Entertainment for over 16 years. What sets Revelations apart from other production companies is the ability to fuse artistic integrity with technological innovation as well as their mission to reveal the truth. Academy award-winning actor Morgan Freeman and Emmy-nominated producer Lori McCreary lead Mendelsohn and the rest of the team in producing thought provoking entertainment that has universal appeal and soul. Prior to her production role, Mendelsohn oversaw finance and managed Digital Revelations, a division underneath Revelations Entertainment that was designed to explore the merging of entertainment and technology.  While at Digital Revelations, Mendelsohn spearheaded The Open House live demo, appearing in Los Angeles, Cannes and Sun Valley, which was designed to educate the entertainment industry on how to protect content as it moves to an online platform. She is also a member of the Producers Guild of America and The Television Academy of Arts and Sciences.