HPA Supersession

(More Speakers and additional sessions to be announced.)


9:00 am – 4:45 pm

Really, we’re still in the era of snowflake workflows?

So many choices across so many different workflows. Learn from the pros about how we are producing content across the widest spectrum of content creation – from spots to blockbusters. From live, streaming to fully synthetic films without any humans before the camera. Come learn about how many K’s are OK, how bright is bright and how HDR changes the game (or does it?). Will ACES ace this test? Is it always going to be like this? Come learn about what it takes to get all this complex content to audiences – because your career depends on it.

9:00 am Introduction
Jerry Pierce

Keynote – Media Workflow: From Snowflakes to Content Lakes
Usman Shakeel, AWS

Sailing the stormy seas to Global Content Delivery: how Amazon Studios and Levels Beyond solved an Amazon Originals’ dilemma?
Aaron Lovell, Amazon Studios

Live events: How They Are Captured and Distributed
Albert Lai, Brightcove

Marvel Black Panther Workflow
Annie Chang, Universal Pictures
Andy Maltz, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

HERO: A case study of location-based VR workflow
Sinclair Fleming, Starbreeze Studios
John Kellogg, Xperi, VP Cinema & Pro Audio Solutions

12:15 pm Lunch

Color Flow
Jesse Korosi, SIM Digital International

Introduction to HPA Creative Tech UK 2018
Seth Hallen, HPA President

Mastering the Master
Moderator: Kari Grubin, Disney
Annie Chang, Universal Pictures
Erik Hansen, HBO
Jimmy Fusil, Netflix

Cloud Production and Tools
Moderator: Rich Welsh, Sundog Media Toolkit
Bill Sewell, Wiredrive
Chuck Parker, Sohonet
Roy Trosh, The Mill
Dave Benson, Bebop
Chris Clarke, Cerberus

Mark Schubin Asks Schubin AI
Mark Chiolis, Mobile TV Group
Mark Schubin

4:45 pm What Just Happened? A review of the day by Jerry Pierce and Leon Silverman