Yves Bergquist

Yves is a data scientist and the director of the “Data & Analytics” Project at USC’s Entertainment Technology Center, where his team helps the entertainment industry build and deploy next-generation machine intelligence systems across its operations.

He is also CEO of AI engineering firm Novamente, which builds large AI applications for clients like DARPA, IARPA, Raytheon, Intel, or the CDC. The Novamente team has introduced the concept of Artificial General Intelligence, and is a practice leader in neural-symbolic AI across the world, conducting research and development for global corporations such as Cisco or Huawei.

At ETC, Yves and his team manage a dozen of projects applying machine learning to large industry challenges, including audience intelligence, semantic content classification, windowing, and AI-driven post-production. His team’s efforts include using social media conversations to model audience decisions in the theatrical window, developing the first audience intelligence application focused on the Chinese market, correlating narrative structures in film to theatrical performance, and a Deep Learning-driven semantic content classification application.

A former foreign policy analyst, Yves is a complex systems expert with experience modeling high-velocity markets for public and private sector clients. He was part of the founding team at Singularity University, a joint venture between Google and NASA, which aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence and other exponential technologies to help solve the world’s greatest problems.