Larry OConnorLarry O’Connor started Other World Computing while still in high school in 1988. Frustrated with the high cost and options for Apple memory expansion, he came to a better solution and started providing memory upgrades online initially as LRO Enterprises in his family’s barn in rural Illinois. A year later, the company moved from the barn and today OWC is one of the most respected suppliers of Apple product upgrades and accessories. O’Connor’s strategy has been to develop, produce and sell high-quality, reliable products under multiple brands – OWC, Macsales – through resellers and distributors. O’Connor’s vision for OWC is to be a self-sustainable organization that is a great place to work as well as a firm that develops professional-grade storage and add-in/add-on products backed by superior service and support. O’Connor graduated from Marquette University where he focused on business and computer science.