Pete LudePete Ludé is prominent engineering executive in advanced imaging and sound. He currently serves at CTO of Mission Rock Digital, a San Francisco-based engineering firm specializing in next-generation media. He has been involved in designing and implementing hundreds of broadcast and media systems, including the launch of digital video for DirecTV, pioneering HDTV systems for network broadcast and recent 4K workflow systems for motion picture production. Pete has served as Chief Innovation Officer at RealD, and before that was Senior Vice President of Sony’s Silicon Valley R&D labs. His work has included workflow software for movie production, stereoscopic imaging and the next generation 4K laser projectors for digital cinema. Ludé is past-president of SMPTE — and a SMPTE Fellow. Pete was founding Chairman of the Laser Illuminated Projector Association, and is a frequent speaker on the future of cinema, Ultra HD television, stereoscopic 3D and advanced display technology.