TR-X, held the day before the HPA Tech Retreat, brings together thought leaders and creatives for a deep dive into topics of particular interest to the community. Registration is independent of or in addition to the HPA Tech Retreat.

2018 HPA TR-X: Everything You Thought You Knew About Artificial Intelligence in M&E And What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

So, this thing  Artificial Intelligence (AI), what’s that all about and what does it really have to do with Media & Entertainment now and in the future? The 2nd annual TR-X session, held in conjunction with the 2018 HPA Tech Retreat, will explain what all the fuss is about and, perhaps generate new questions and ideas about AI and Machine Learning (ML) in the end-to-end M&E workflow.

The program will include stories about the essence of AI and ML and bleeding-edge discussions and opinions to assess the realities and fears related to the use AI. The TR-X AI story will also explore the future of AI through examples of novel implementations, case studies, agents of change, and M&E oriented academic research.

Don’t be outsmarted by AI as it rushes in to your workspace! This TR-X session is an important human learning opportunity for professionals early in their M&E careers and those who are well established. If you are in M&E, AI and ML will touch you. Learn about it before it becomes a core business process.

* Topics being considered:

  • Key agents of change in the market
  • Essential principles of AI and Machine Learning
  • Dangers of AI
  • The Real impact on jobs: new ones created, old ones that may change
  • Expert opinions on what will happen and when
  • Content Intelligence
  • Using Machine Learning to Predict Optimal Sources for Content
  • What the movies and TV, e.g. Terminator, AI, Ex Machina, and West World, got right and wrong
  • Novel implementations and AI case studies
  • How AI/Machine Learning is Changing Media and Entertainment
  • Cutting edge M&E-oriented research from academia

* Subject to Change