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14:00 – 15:00 Practical Magic – A Study Of What’s Missing That We Need To Make VR Work For Real?
Recently Technicolor unveiled the TEC (Technicolor Experience Center), their newest facility near Culver City, California, established to research, showcase and develop next generation immersive technology and media. Topics will include the scope of this endeavor and an overview of things to come.
The Mill has been producing cutting edge creative technology and content since 1990, when they opened the world’s first fully digital end to end VFX studio in Soho. With a portfolio of work and service offerings spanning the gamut, from immersive technology and media creation, to automotive, gaming, beauty and much more. In this TR-X session, you will hear about some of their recent work in the immersive space, share some of the challenges learnings and, and give us some insights in to where things are headed next.
VR/AR Standards update -  You will hear an update on status, and hint to what is coming next from MPEG-I and the VR industry Forum.
Color and the preservation of creative intent is naturally one of the things Technicolor considers important. And today things are a bit tricky with head mounted displays. In this session, you will learn about the challenges presented by these new devices and the work here and her colleagues are doing to address these and other challenges.
Moderator: Nick Mitchell, Technicolor
Neil Evely, The Mill

15:30 – 16:15 Building immersive journeys: Lessons Learnt from Successful VR Projects in the Games Industry
Interactivity drives engagement and immersion and the greatest VR is truly interactive. It is inevitable that consumers will expect and demand this from their experiences. Game makers are the masters of interactivity and have the deep knowledge on how to teach, entertain and retain users in interactive immersive experiences.
Drawing on his experiences from the creation of PlayStation’s VR Worlds, the bestselling  PSVR launch title and from his most recent experience for Sony Music, The Chainsmokers: Paris VR Brynley will share his learnings on how to create powerful, magical  journeys for virtual worlds. This talk will include practical advice on leading the gaze of users, testing for comfort and how to build immersion.
Brynley Gibson, Curve Digital Entertainment

16:15 – 16:45 Coachella as a VR Experience
Tarif Sayed, Head of VR Technologies, Nokia OZO will introduce “OZO Live Production Journey,” a case study from the OZO Coachella Live concert production.  Coachella streamed 2-3 performances per day for three days using the Nokia OZO VR suite of products.  He will discuss Nokia OZO’s experience in producing one of the world’s largest music festivals including technical and artistic challenges, solutions and accomplishments.
Tarif Sayed, Nokia Technologies


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