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Innovation Zone Participants

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AJA Video Systems


AJA will be demonstrating an advanced HDR professional workflow in the Innovation Zone. AJA’s newly introduced Ki Pro Ultra Plus multi-channel record/playback device will be playing back a live video feed to FS-HDR, AJA’s new 1RU universal converter/frame synchronizer, out to an HDR HDMI monitor. All of this complex video encoding, decoding and playback is happening in real time thanks to the power of FS-HDR, which AJA first introduced in a technology demonstration at NAB 2017. AJA is actively developing technologies that support HDR—a format that delivers incredible range and flexibility with real time transformations. AJA’s FS-HDR is designed specifically to meet the HDR and WCG needs of broadcast, OTT, post and live event AV environments where real time, low-latency processing and colour fidelity is required. The unit also serves as a full 1-channel up, down, cross-converter for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD conversion and frame sync needs, and in 4-Channel mode offers four independent channels of 2K/HD conversion. Ki Pro Ultra Plus is a multi-channel Apple ProRes recorder offering up to 4-Channels of simultaneous HD recording, or in Single-Channel mode, a 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD ProRes or Avid DNxHD MXF recorder and player supporting 3G-SDI, Fiber and HDMI 2.0 as well as 4K 60p.



New cloud-based services and technologies have been added to the MediaCentral platform, which can be broken down into four main elements:

  • Hosted applications: With cloud-hosted Avid applications, you can quickly, easily, and more economically deploy, access, and re-provision software (both thick and thin clients) as needed, from anywhere
  • Cloud media services: With a shared pool of virtualized media services, you gain platform-wide access to new tools and functionality, and can dynamically scale resources to your production needs
  • Infrastructure on demand: Scale your infrastructure, add capabilities, and optimize your storage capacity, computing power, and bandwidth across your enterprise, whether on-premises, in your private data centre, in the public cloud, or a hybrid environment
  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX (coming soon): Connect geographically dispersed teams together and enable anyone, anywhere, to search, browse, access, edit, collaborate, and publish content on the platform from a single unified interface that provides a sleeker, faster, and more responsive user experience

BASE Media Cloud

BASE_Grey_AlphaHD (002)BeBop_Logo

BASE Media Cloud will demonstrate BeBop, the innovative, 100% cloud-native post production platform, enabling low cost, global collaboration and remote working with any windows-compatible creative application.


Codex logo Jan 2017 final

Media Vault Library featuring the Codex Flexi-Drive, providing 24TB raw storage per module in a secure and easily transportable package that contains twelve 2.5” HDDs.

Codex M-Series Storage    The Codex M-Series Storage offers a flexible solution for both near-line storage and archiving of data, as well as an easy way to move large amounts of footage from on-set or near-set to post-production.        At the system’s heart is the Flexi Drive module.  Each Flexi Drive provides 24TB of raw storage and can be formatted in ZFS, for near-line, or LTFS with erasure coding, for a true archival solution that is statistically safer than LTO tape.  With Codex High Density Encoding, which provides lossless encoding of uncompressed RAW video formats—ARRIRAW, VRAW, and Canon RAW—each Flexi Drive can easily transport over 30TB of RAW video footage.  And, because Flexi Drives are populated with 2.5” laptop HDDs, they are much more robust than traditional 3.5” HDD-based shuttle drives, and, unlike LTO, their data is instantly available when they reach their destination.    Whether in our 1U M-Series Dock, which holds two Flexi Drives, or in our 3U M-Series Control Unit and additional 3U M-Series Expansion Units, which together can hold over 1.1PB in 12RU, each Flexi Drive is configurable as a separate NAS volume, with individualized user permissions, or multiple Flexi Drives can be grouped together to create larger volumes.

Dolby Europe, LTD


Dolby’s Intelligent Display Mapping will demonstrate the effect of mapping HDR content down to the brightness capability of various displays using dynamic metadata.



The GrayMeta Platform combines powerful search, content analysis and machine learning to create unimaginable value across silos. The platform easily connects to cloud and on-premise storage, then extracts and creates metadata with machine learning that continually evolves and adapts, unlocking the hidden value of your digital assets.

Image Matters

Image Matters Logo 2017

The Origami B20 Module facilitates and accelerates hardware development of new products while giving access to a library of IP-Cores provided by global IP-Core vendors.

LiveU Ltd

Live-01 (002)

With LiveU’s complete family of 3G/4G bonded uplink solutions, broadcasters and event producers have multiple options for live, high speed broadband connectivity from any location. All LiveU units are seamlessly connected to LiveU Central (LiveU cloud based management system), enabling control rooms to manage multiple incoming video feeds simply and effectively.  The demonstration will include different workflows enabling high speed broadband connectivity and fast content transfer from any location: LiveU DataBridge, offering resilient high-speed mobile broadband connectivity for any device in any location by bonding together multiple cellular and other data connections; Store and Forward, allowing users to ingest video content in real time, compressed by LiveU video encoder and upload over bonded connectivity as fast as possible to a LiveU receiving server; Compress and Forward, file-based compression using a windows laptop for upload over bonded connectivity via the LiveU bonding unit to a LiveU receiving server; and File transfer (FTP), file upload from local storage over bonded connectivity to a LiveU receiving server.

Motion Impossible

Motion Impossible Logo

Mantis 360 is the world’s first remote camera dolly for VR, stabilising any 360º/VR camera up to 5kg. Agito is a brand new way to move your camera, a remote dolly that can drive in 2 wheel/4 wheel and crab modes, whilst also being able to record a move. Additionally, it is the first remote dolly that enables you to drive on the ground and then with a simple wheel change, on track reaching speeds of 35mph.



NexGuard, Kudelski Group, showcases its latest product advancement for forensic watermarking for downstream content distribution. The NexGuard File Delivery product has been designed for on-the-fly one-to-many distribution watermarking of mezzanine files, to address the need to quickly generate multiple uniquely watermarked files from one source file. The product demonstration will include the end-to-end solution, with centralized database management in the NexGuard Manager, IBM Aspera FASP-enabled plugin for seamless integration into existing delivery workflow, and NexGuard Detection Service for one single entry point for NexGuard forensic watermarking investigations.



Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ray: Encoded and authored by the team at Pixelogic London, experience the reference quality Planet Earth II 4K BD. Captured in stunning UHD detail, Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands and cities of the world. Journey to the four corners of the globe to discover the extreme forces that shape life in each of these iconic landscapes and the remarkable ways animals manage to overcome the challenges of surviving in the wildest places on Earth. From eye-to-eye encounters with incredible creatures to epic journeys through breathtaking wildernesses, experience the wonder of the natural world as never before. – “From start to finish, Planet Earth II’s 4K/HDR/wide colour presentation feels like a five-hour demo reel for the future of television.”    What Hi-Fi – “…the best reason to finally buy that 4K TV and Ultra HD Blu-ray player”

Pixspan, Inc.

Pisxpan Logo 4C

Pixspan addresses the burden of ever-increasing image storage and transfer requirements, which is driven by productions that require high resolution, high frame rate, and/or high dynamic range. Pixspan’s core technology is patented compact encoding that saves 50-80% on image storage and networking costs. The compact encoding/decoding cycle always returns an image to the bit-exact replica of the original image. Pixspan and partner XTFX will be demonstrating PixMover™ and PixFuse™, along with DaVinci Resolve at 4K full-resolution playout over a 10 Gbps connection to NAS storage.

Red Digital Cinema


RED will be displaying their newest DSMC2™ cameras, the RED EPIC-W™ 8K S35 and WEAPON® 8K S35. Both RED cameras feature the compact and intuitive design of the DSMC2 form factor as well as the new HELIUM™ 8K S35 sensor. HELIUM allows for higher resolution in an S35 frame, while maintaining the superior dynamic range found in the award-winning RED DRAGON® sensor. All of RED’s DSMC2 cameras offer superior image quality, incredible dynamic range, simultaneous recording of REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD, and adhere to the company’s dedication to OBSOLESCENCE OBSOLETE® — a core operating principle that allows current RED owners to move between DSMC2 cameras without having to purchase all new gear.



Signiant’s intelligent file transfer solutions help the world’s top media companies move petabytes of content every day over standard IP networks. Built on Signiant’s patented file transfer acceleration technology, the company’s on-premises and cloud-native SaaS solutions are the market leaders for moving large files over distance – between systems, between people, and to and from cloud object storage. Signiant will be demonstrating next generation transport acceleration technology that dramatically improves performance, security and reliability of cloud-based solutions for media. Demonstrations will include optimized transfer over IP networks of file-based media, live video and event data for storage and processing using a variety of public cloud offerings.

Flight Gateway is a revolutionary new transport architecture that is capable of delivering data to cloud object storage at multiple gigabits per second via HTTP.  Speed is at the core of what Signiant does and this newly patented, standards-based architecture strengthens our position as a market leader in file acceleration.



Remote Collaboration service ClearView Flex is designed to provide a secure video stream to one or more remote viewers with near-zero lag and high visual quality. The latest version will be displayed, integrated with Bluescape’s visual collaboration software, running on a next-generation touch-enabled display, as well as on a new iOS application and via web browser.

Sony Digital Cinema


Sony Digital Cinema will be demonstrating its 2K Crystal LED Display system developed primarily for the Visual Simulation and Visual Entertainment industries. A scalable solution with infinite resolution, brightness and contrast that we believe gives an exciting hint into the possibilities for next-generation cinematic exhibition. Featuring a large colour range and depth as well as impressive brightness and a unique pixel drive circuitry for high frame rate – perfect for fast-moving content with no blur or artefacts.   Sony will also be showcasing their CineAlta Super35 PMW-F55 camera with latest accessories and workflows featuring the DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder, the AXS-AR1 Thunderbolt card reader and the new AXS-R7 recorder. The demo also includes the introduction of the new 16bit X-OCN recording format. X-OCN retains the quality of 16-bit linear encoding, far exceeding 10 or 12-bit formats – often at lower bit rates. X-OCN is ideal for the most advanced workflows, including High Dynamic Range, Sony’s S-Gamut colour, Rec. 2020 deliverables and 16-bit ACES postproduction.

Sundog Media Toolkit


Cloud-based post production tools, including playlist versioning tools for international cinema versioning, automation and semi-automatic tools for workflows and new tools for scaling using machine learning algorithms.

Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne Lecroy logo Quantum Data

Teledyne LeCroy’s HDR Lab provides Proof of Performance for UHD displays and Post Production workflows.    HDR Lab is an optional test package for our quantumdata 980 Advanced Test Platform, an effective tool for evaluating UHD HDR displays and tuning post-production workflows for UHD HDR colour grading.    HDR Lab includes selected uncompressed HDR Still Picture reference images, as well as a series of meaningful HDR-related Test Patterns. HDR Lab allows professionals to test for correct transmission and processing of HDR Metadata (all HDMI devices in a signal chain), tone mapping behaviour of the display device, colour decoding issues of the display device or any video processor in the chain, signal level distortions of sources, video processors, HDMI distribution devices and more, peak brightness of the display device, native contrast of the display device, ABL (average brightness level) stability of the display device, signal clipping (all HDMI devices in a signal chain), and wide colour gamut representation of the display device.

XTFX Limited


XTFX will be showing Pixspan and Colorfront Transkoder. Colorfront is a dedicated 2K/4K transcoding application automates fast, high-quality digital file conversion at the highest performance for studios and VFX facilities involved in motion picture and high-end TV production.  Colorfront Transkoder is the ultimate tool for DCP and IMF mastering, including: the industy’s highest performance JPEG2000 encoding and decoding, 32-bit floating point processing on multiple GPUs, MXF wrapping, accelerated checksums and AES encryption and decryption, IMF/IMP and DCI/DCP package authoring, editing, transwrapping.   Transkoder 2016 adds features such as dual 4K outputs for simultaneous HDR and SDR mastering, Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Vision encoding, automatic calculation of MaxFALL / MaxCLL values for SMPTE ST 2086:2014 HDR metadata, Civolution forensic watermarking, AS-11 – DPP output, audio level meter and vectorscope.  Pixspan delivers the Industry-leading Bit Exact Round Trip™ Compression Solution.   Bit Exact Compression means that an image is compressed into a smaller representation of the original image, whereby this representation holds absolutely all the information from the original image. That means that the representation can subsequently be decompressed back to an image, and that rehydrated image is the bit-for-bit exact replica of the original image.



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