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The Reality of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities
There is a lot of curiosity, hope, hype and promise surrounding Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). The question is, however, what are the realities associated with these platforms? During this very timely TR-X session, learned experts will explain the complexities of VR, AR, and MR. You will learn how and why the brain responds to VR, including the psychological and physical responses. A planned case study, based on a well-known feature related VR experience will explore real world application of the VR/AR/MR technologies. Finally, you will hear experts in the field share a study about the missing elements that are needed to make VR work for real!


Morning Sessions

The Versioning Explosion
Eric Pearson, of Pixar Animation Studios will discuss the detailed, collaborative work that goes into versioning their iconic movies. Exploring the creative decisions about what to version, the subtle nuances of tailoring each movie to the culture and customs of local territories, and the technical hurdles facing the industry’s most challenging version pipeline, this session will enlighten and enthral as we dive into Pixar’s cinematic world
Eric Pearson, Pixar Animation Studios

The Supply Chain Explosion
Industry leaders discuss how the huge number of formats and burgeoning data mining of content and audiences are affecting the supply chain.
Jim Bottoms, MESA Europe

Afternoon Sessions

Predicting the Explosion in Advance: Planet Earth II
An exploration of the BAFTA Award-winning BBC wildlife series and the balance required to deliver a cutting-edge visual experience planned years in advance of the technology roll-out.
Andrew Cotton, BBC
Andrew King, BBC
Rob Drewett, RED Digital Cinema

Exploding the format: Lost in London
In 2002, within the course of a night, actor and filmmaker Woody Harrelson found himself in a misadventure in Soho that eventually landed him in jail. Earlier this year, Harrelson directed and starred in an unprecedented live feature-film event that recreated his crazy adventure. This session explores the creative and technical thinking behind a live movie experience and how this was achieved in a single take, with a single camera, while racing around busy central London – streamed live to cinemas worldwide.
Chris Brandric, Broadcast RF
Nick Fuller, Broadcast RF
Additional Speakers TBA Soon

Exploding the archive
The implementation of digital cinema has resulted in a history of films being unavailable to theatres unless converted to a digital cinema package (DCP) format. Digital restoration makes films more accessible while offering the opportunity to enhance content using modern display technologies. Panellists consider the benefits of restoration, whether this constitutes enhancement or ruins the authenticity of a film, monetisation of the archive, whether now is the right time to be restoring films and many more questions.
Adrian Bull, Cinelabs

Additional speakers, timing and panels TBD.


Panels including these topics:

  • AI and Machine Learning across all media applications from data to creativity
  • Connectivity for next generation production
  • Cloud applications and tools: the practical reality
  • HDR Colour Pipeline
  • Key Trends from Consumer Electronics
  • European industry update

Timing and much more to come when the call for proposals closes!


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