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Call For Proposals is closed for the main program.

However, we are still accepting proposals for the Breakfast Roundtables.

Please see below for more information on this exciting opportunity!


Breakfast Roundtables

The breakfast roundtables are, literally, round tables at which attendees eat breakfast, starting at 7:30 AM. Each has a number, and the numbers correspond to lists of topics and their moderators posted at the doors. Attendees may choose a roundtable based on its topic, moderator, other attendees, proximity to the food, available seats, or other factors. Popular roundtables might be surrounded four layers deep; unpopular ones might have a lone moderator sipping coffee.

Unlike the main program, which is intended to be marketing-free, the breakfast roundtables are open house. Moderators may teach, preach, ask, call-to-task, sell, kvell, or do anything else that keeps conversation flowing for an hour.

There is no vetting process for breakfast roundtables (though the size of the topic title might be truncated into a smaller version to fit on the list); there is, therefore, no retreat-registration discount conveyed by moderating one, and all breakfast-roundtable moderators must be registered for the retreat. Tables are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Topics and even moderators may be changed at the moderators’ option up to the last minute, but once a moderator commits to a slot that slot MUST be covered from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM, even if no one else shows up and even if the moderator would rather sit in on someone else’s table.

Requests for breakfast roundtables may be submitted only by their proposed moderators. There is no deadline, but once the maximum number of tables is reached (nominally 25), no more can be accepted for that day. Requests should list the desired day(s) and the desired topic(s). Send email to to submit a roundtable topic.


Call For Proposals is closed for the main program.


Proposals are now being accepted for the main program of the HPA Tech Retreat UK, which is returning to Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire from 11-13 July. The HPA Tech Retreat UK will once again feature a Supersession and the curated Innovation Zone, where attendees can engage in hands-on exploration of the latest developments in workflow tools and technologies. This year will also mark the UK debut of TR-X, Tech Retreat eXtra, an additional half-day program of in-depth seminars on topics of particular community interest. Co-chairs for the event are SMPTE Education Vice President Richard Welsh, HPA President Seth Hallen, and HPA Board member Jerry Pierce.

Main program proposals are due by 30 May. Proposals for breakfast roundtables have no deadline for submission; however, once the maximum number of tables is reached the call will be closed.

The HPA Tech Retreat UK is presented by SMPTE LTD.


From Rich Welsh:

Welcome to the call for proposals for the 2nd HPA Tech Retreat UK, presented by SMPTE, LTD!

It’s time to consider proposing a session for the HPA’s upcoming technology event.

The 2017 HPA Tech Retreat® UK will take place 11-13 July at the Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire, (Chipping Norton area). Those of you not familiar with the event will find information about the US events on the HPA web site here. And this post, offers a broader sense of who attends and what takes place.

Call for Proposals
As per the US event, the 2017 HPA Tech Retreat UK will include the new TR-X seminar, a Supersession, and an Innovation Zone for demos. This notice is a call for proposals for two other aspects of the Tech Retreat UK, presentations in the main program and breakfast roundtables, both of which take place Thursday 13 July.

Topics may include ANYTHING related to moving images and associated sounds, including (but not limited to) augmented reality, bit-rate reduction, the contrast-sensitivity function, digital rights management, energy use for HDR TV sets, format conversion, gigapixel imaging, higher frame rates, immersive-sound, just-valuable-differences, kleptomania in distribution, long GOPs in an era of rapid changes, multi-language subtitling, near-field communications, open-source processing, psychophysics, quantum entanglement for zero latency, retinal (frame-free) imaging, soundfields, terabit transmission, ultra-high-whatever, virtual reality, wider color gamut, x-rays in 8K, young interpupilary distances, and zoom lenses for 32K imaging. Anything from scene-to-seen and gear-to-ear is fair game.

No formal submissions are required. A sentence or two is usually sufficient. If we need more info, we will ask. Presentations in the main program should aim to be either 15 minute or half-hour duration, including set-up and Q&A (if any). Longer or shorter presentations can sometimes be accommodated; if a different duration is desired, please request it. Panels are typically longer. Panel proposers are expected to provide both the moderator and the panelists. The US event has typically had about six times more submissions each year than can be accommodated in the main program; for 2016, it was more like eight times. Many factors affect selection, including themes that emerge from submissions, so rejection does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the submission. Presenters, moderators, and panelists may all attend their sessions free and get a substantial discount on the full retreat.

Proposals, which must come from the proposed presenter, should be sent to Rich Welsh at by the end of the day (GMT) on 30 May 2017. Every proposal received is quickly acknowledged. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement, your proposal probably wasn’t received. Decisions are expected mid-June.


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