Alexander LoVerde is a technology entrepreneur and currently the CEO of SyncOnSet, a software company he co-founded in 2012 to streamline TV and Film productions and create metadata to serve content creators, studios, brands and consumers. SyncOnSet has revolutionized the entertainment industry with it’s Emmy-winning software for managing the workflow of costume and production design departments on TV and film sets. As a cloud-solution for web and mobile, SyncOnSet enables productions of all sizes to manage assets, continuity and accounting for costumes, props, set dressing, makeup, hair and locations. Under Mr. LoVerde’s leadership, SyncOnSet has become the industry standard; used on over 3,000 productions in 50 countries, and now implemented on over 50% of scripted television series in the US. In 2016, Mr. LoVerde and his co-founders were awarded an Engineering Emmy Award for SyncOnSet.