Wolfgang Schram is a Broadcast Engineer for PRG Nocturne based in the PRG Los Angeles office. He is responsible for the design of new systems to support multiple video markets worldwide. With that task he is also accountable for video standards in the engineering department, as well as input with our LED inventory and collaboration on video operating procedures.  Since the late 90s, Wolfgang worked as an Engineer in Germany for N-TV, Bahn TV and OB trucks such as Wige Media & Alfa Cam. Wolfgang in his travels to the US resided for 8 years in the United Kingdom working for XL Video, CTVOB, Telegenic and finally PRG Nocturne. For the last 10 Years Wolfgang has been working in the music business as a touring Video Engineer. Some of his clients are The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Queen and Paul Rogers as well as U2 and Lionel Richie. In 2014 Wolfgang moved to Los Angeles and became a Chief Engineer for PRG Nocturne.