The 2016 HPA Tech Retreat UK conference will focus on the very latest technology in broadcast and cinema and its impact now and in the future on the media industry. The two main themes of the Supersession Day are Ultra Everything and Emerging Media Technology. Hear the latest from world leaders in production, post and delivery of television and cinema on UHD, HDR, VR, AR and much more!



The Tuesday program comprises co-located events, which run in parallel.
They require separate registration and are NOT included in Tech Retreat Registration.

DPP Plugfest
9:00 – 10:00
10:00 – 16:00 Program
Following the publication of the DPP’s UHD Specification and the upcoming publication of the NABA / DPP Specification, the DPP aims to support the industry’s implementation of these through a process of creating test files, feedback and discussion loops. The DPP will hold its first UHD PlugFest at Heythrop Park on July 12 before HPA Tech Retreat UK. Please note – registration is separate to the HPA event and must be done through DPP. Click here for registration.

12:00 – 18:00 Registration Open

14:00 – 15:30 Practical Aspects of HDR: Implementation and Deployment Seminar. Presented by John Watkinson & Peter Wilson – Bodicote Suite
High dynamic range (HDR) is an important emerging technology that touches acquisition, post production/DI (especially colour grading), studio display, mastering, distribution, and display in both the cinema and consumers’ premises. This seminar will begin by outlining the theory of HDR – in particular, psychophysics and visual appearance aspects. The seminar will go on to explore the implementation and deployment of HDR in cinema and video. In particular, Watkinson and Wilson will discuss metadata and its interpretation, and adaptation of the HDR system to varying display and viewing characteristics. Expect discussion of last-minute developments. Registration can be made when registering for the Tech Retreat.

15:30 – 16:00 Break

16:00 – 17:30 John Watkinson & Peter Wilson Seminar – Part 2 – Bodicote Suite

19:00 Social – HPA Welcome BBQ (Sponsored by Dell)
All HPA registered attendees are invited to the Welcome Barbecue – Main House Terrace.
Should you wish to stay at the hotel overnight prior to the HPA program commencing on Wednesday you will need to add this night’s hotel reservation to your registration.


6:30 – 18:00 Registration Open

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast Roundtables – Ballroom

1. Measuring, monitoring, and conversion of HDR, WCG, and 4k material in a post environment: Michael Hodson, Omnitek
2. Now render is becoming a utility, what do you want on demand next?: Patrick Sumby, Sohonet
3. Role of the Colorist from onset to finishing: Kevin Shaw, Colorist Society International
4. International Mastering and File Delivery for Television – What’s next? . AS-11 development and IMF: Andy Wilson, Digital Production Partnership

8:30 – 9:00 Breathe

9:00 – 9:15 Supersession: Introductions with Seth Hallen & Richard Welsh

9:15 – 10:30 Supersession: Game of Thrones – Behind the Scenes of Season 6
Get behind the scenes on the making of Game of Thrones season 6. In this special session exclusively for HPA Tech Retreat UK we look at the production and post of the smash hit HBO series. An all star panel will lift the lid on the creative and technical work behind this epic series, investigating everything from on-set technology, VFX and sound. We will also look in depth at HBO’s ground breaking use of Dolby Atmos object based audio in Game of Thrones and the challenges of creating and delivering this to the home.
Moderator: Steve Beres, HBO
Tim Porter, Editor
Alan Freir, Co-Producer
Erik Hansen, HBO

10:30 – 11:00 Break + Innovation Zone

11:00 – 11:45 Supersession: Disney’s The Jungle Book – Into the VFX Jungle
We take a look behind the scenes at the groundbreaking VFX work on Jon Favreau’s remake of the Disney classic. Find out how the team at MPC brought the jungle and Rudyard Kipling’s iconic characters to life, with a dive into the technology and techniques the visual effects artists employed from set to screen.
Adam Valdez, MPC

11:45 – 12:30 Supersession: Finding Dory – Diving into Pixar’s latest cinematic spectacle
At the intersection of art and commerce there lies creative opportunity. With the advent of High Brightness 3D, Wide Colour Gamut, and High Dynamic Range, filmmakers are taking advantage of these opportunities in spades. No where is this more evident than in the recent releases from Pixar Animation Studios, and this trend continues with the upcoming release in the UK of Finding Dory. Join us as we explore the depths of creativity explored by the artists and technologists responsible for this fish tale.
Cynthia Slavens, Pixar Animation Studios

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch + Innovation Zone

14:00 – 15:15 Supersession: Ultra Everything
In keeping with our innovation zone theme, we explore what UHD, and associated technology advances mean for content creators, distributors and the audience. The panel will discuss how improvements in frame rate, colour, dynamic range and object based audio are affecting their content.
Moderator: Richard Welsh, Sundog Media Toolkit
Steve Beres, HBO
Cynthia Slavens, Pixar
Andy Quested, BBC
Kate Wendleboe, BT

15:15 – 15:45 Break + Innovation Zone

15:45 – 16:15 Supersession: Producing Netflix Originals
How Netflix are creating content for the future, today…
Mike Whipple, Netflix
Sean Durkin, Netflix

16:15 – 17:30 Supersession: Emerging Media Technology
A look at how emerging technologies such as VR and AR will affect the user experience.  Will cinema become a VR world, or will AR find it’s way into cinema. Will on demand take us into a new era of experiential choice? Is VR content already mainstream? Hear from leaders and practitioners about their experiences with the next generation of entertainment formats.
Moderator: Simon Gauntlett, DTG
Richard Nockles, Sky VR Studios
Jeremie Lasnier, LiveLike VR
Steve Schklair, 3ality
Callum Rex-Reid, M-is

17:30 – 17:45 What just happened? A Review of the Day by Seth Hallen & Richard Welsh

17:45 – 19:00 Innovation Zone (Dedicated Time)

19:00 – 21:00 HPA Tech Retreat Dinner – Main Ballroom (Sponsored by RealD)

21:00 Drinks – Ballroom Terrace (Sponsored by Sohonet)


7:00 – 16:00 Registration Open

7:30 – 8:30 Breakfast Roundtables – Ballroom

1. Measuring, monitoring, and conversion of HDR, WCG, and 4k material in a post environment: Michael Hodson, Omnitek
2. Now render is becoming a utility, what do you want on demand next?: Patrick Sumby, Sohonet
3. The Case for a Proprietary CODEC: Reza Rassool, RealNetworks/RealMedia HD
4. Better Pixels from UHD Premium: Kevin Shaw, Colorist Society International

8:30 – 9:00 Breathe

9:00 – 10:30 Minisession – Ultra Movies: 120fps 3D 4K HDR for Cinema

9:00 – 9:15 Introductions with Seth Hallen & Richard Welsh

9:15 – 9:30 Use of Time-Shaping techniques on Ang Lee’s upcoming: “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”.
A discussion of very high frame rate (VHFR) to high frame rate (HFR) and standard frame rate workflows, and the perceptual and artistic advantages compared with straight-through HFR workflow.
Tony Davis, Tessive

9:30 – 9:45 The use of RealD’s TrueImage software, as utilized on Ang Lee’s latest high frame rate production.
How this super-resolution pixel reconstruction technique is being used to overcome some of the issues inherent in HFR shooting.
Brian Hawkins, RealD

9:45 – 10:00 IMF & HFR DCPs are going to stretch JPEG2000 encoders to the limit.
The results of an independent study of commercially available encoders assessing picture quality vs bit rate are presented.
Tomasz Witkowski, Eclair

10:00 – 10:30 Why SMPTE DCP? Progress in Europe
To manage the transition to SMPTE Standard DCPs in Europe EDCF and UNIC have formed a joint task force to assist distributors, exhibitors and suppliers. This session will describe the structure and processes created by this project group including the development of test content specifically created for this region, the test programme and recent successful SMPTE releases.
John Graham, EDCF
Toby Glover, Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema

10:30 – 11:00 Break + Innovation Zone

11:00 – 11:30 The European Update – 2016
The interoperable delivery format: distant dream or hiding under the bed…
Hans Hoffmann, EBU

11:30 – 12:00 Decoding CES: How Trends Trend
The famous Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas each January, brings in the New Year on a tidal wave of hype. So does it really surface any important trends? The answer lies not only in the detective work that has to be applied to each new show, but also in the narrative provided by CES over time. This session takes a unique look at the last seven years of CES – and brings new insights on how technology trends really unfold.
Mark Harrison, DPP

12:00 – 12:15 DPP UHD Plugfest Review
Feedback from the Digital Production Partnership’s first UHD plugfest held on 12th July at Heythrop
Tim Davis, ITV

12:15 – 12:30 The Evolving Media Industry
The IABM conducts research and continuously monitors the “health” of the media industry. With over 400 company members, it has a unique view on technology evolution and business trends. High on the agenda is the transition to new image formats and IT-based infrastructures. Both are having a profound effect on the industry – a change that affects every aspect of operations, business and creativity. With many unresolved issues, the need for collaboration is a key imperative. No one company or organisation has all the answers; collaboration between otherwise competing vendors and end-users is an essential ingredient to accelerate progress and enter the new era in an orderly fashion.
John Ive, IABM

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch + Innovation Zone

14:00 – 15:30 Minisession – Workflow Innovation: Post and VFX

14:00 – 14:30 If production and distribution is in the cloud, can post be far behind?
From set through dailies and approvals to rough cuts and archive, and then to delivery, the cloud is servicing the global production and distribution worlds. What’s the future for the CAPEX-hungry post production machine room? Lift and shift to a commercial data centre? Re-work to native cloud? Stay put and ride the performance curve to get more into the same space?  Our panel will discuss the business and technical opportunities and risks for production, distribution and post ”
Moderator: Andrew Johnston
Roy Trosh, The Mill
Steve MacPherson, Framestore
Erik Hansen, HBO

14:30 – 15:00 VFX & Rendering Securely in the Cloud
A discussion on cloud rendering and demonstrate the benefits of expanding VFX houses compute abilities beyond in-house walls. This panel will be how VFX facilities can utilise cloud based rendering tools to meet tight deadlines, pitch on bigger projects and match their OPEX with the client proposal.
Moderator: Chuck Parker, CEO Sohonet
Dave Goodbourn, Milk VFX
Matt Provost, Avere Systems
Gustav Markowitz

15:00 – 15:30 …From the machine – a look at the Oscar winning VFX on Ex Machina
Graham Jack, Double Negative

15:30 – 16:00 Break + Innovation Zone

16:00 – 17:00 Minisession – HDR Live: Challenges of Working with High Dynamic Range in Real-Time

16:00 – 16:20 HDR in Live production
Klaus Weber, Grass Valley

16:20 – 16:40 Deploying HDR for Live TV – The Back Compatibility Question
Matthew Goldman, Ericsson

16:40 – 17:00 Fibre/CWDM Infrastructure for Live and Remote REC 2020 and HDR Applications
Phil Crawley, Root6

17:00 What Just happened? A Review of the Day by Seth Hallen & Richard Welsh


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