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HPA invites individuals and companies to share new and innovative technology with the participants of the HPA Tech Retreat UK. The Innovation Zone are themed exploration areas looking at the latest tools and technology from camera to screen and everything in between. Attendees can discover your company’s NEW technology in a space designed for learning and discovery. Bring your latest and greatest innovations that improve how post-production is done. All applications will be reviewed and vetted based on meeting the intent and focus of the Innovation Zone.

Innovation Zone requirements:

  1. Your demonstrations must reflect technology that is innovative, game changing and important to entertainment markets including production, post production, broadcast, distribution, OTTs or related areas. It must provide the attendees with solution(s) that are unique and, if possible, demonstrate integrated workflows for distinctive services. Experimental products and new concepts or products are of particular interest. Start ups or creative solutions are most welcome.
  2. HPA Tech Retreat UK Innovation Zone will have sub zones focusing on specific technology areas such as workflow solutions, next gen formats (HDR, WCG, HFR, UHD) and more. Demonstration sub zones will be discussed with you as part of the review process to ensure you are placed in the most effective area for you and your audience.
  3. Service companies and solutions providers who have unique, forward thinking offerings in production, post production, broadcast, distribution, OTT’s or a related area are invited to participate.
  4. To apply, submit a description of what you would like to demonstrate for vetting purposes. Click here (closed) for the Application Form.

General Information:

The Innovation Zone is a meeting and networking area which will be open during conference hours as well as dedicated times, including a cocktail reception, two breaks per day, lunch time and prior to the Main Dinner (Wednesday 13 July). Refer to the program online (when available) for actual times.

No one is required to be with your demo during the entire time the Innovation Zone is open, except during the specific dedicated times listed in the Tech Retreat program. You are also free to make appointments during any open hours.

You may provide white papers and handouts describing the technology you will be showing as well as swag, because everyone loves free Stuff!

We encourage Tech Retreat Innovation Zone participants to invite clients, other individuals within your company and interested industry professionals to register and visit you at the HPA Tech Retreat.

Space Information:

  1. The Innovation Zone is split into several themed rooms in one large area adjacent to the conference auditorium and the ballroom (venue for the main dinner). You may apply for more than one space if you have more than one technology to present. An additional fee will apply and this space will be provided on an availability basis.
  2. Each Innovation Zone participant will get an 3x3m space, basic power, one table and two chairs. You may use a tablecloth/table topper with your logo. You may bring a single pull up/pop up banner that describes/explains your demo. Banner max height from floor 2.4m, max width .8m, either floor or table mounted.
  3. If you have something that requires a separate space, we may be able to provide this on a “limited engagement” basis. Please contact  Andrew Johnston and Rich Welsh at
  4. You may include anything that will fit into the space except an exhibit booth, bar-type unit, additional signage (beyond the defined banner) or anything that will block full view or limit accessibility to the spaces around you. A small cove for monitors, racks, and stands, if they don’t block a view, will most likely be permitted. If there’s a question about this, please contact Andrew Johnston and Rich Welsh at
  5. Internet service, via WI-FI is available in the Innovation Zone is provided free of charge by the hotel. It is limited to aggregate 100Mbit. Exhibitors are free to bring 4G network wi-fi hubs as an alternative. Network coverage should be checked by the exhibitor in advance of the event.
  6. Links to all forms will be provided upon acceptance of your demo.
  7. If your application is accepted you will be sent further information and be asked to register for the Tech Retreat and confirm your space by submitting payment.
  8. Confirmation of your space in the Innovation Zone is a commitment to have your demonstration set up from Tuesday through Thursday according to the times listed in the Program.


  1. The HPA Tech Retreat has a number of Press attending. Press are requested to respect your wishes to be off-the-record or enter into an NDA, but you will need to arrange this directly with them. It is not required as part of HPA issuing a Press Pass.

Innovation Zone Fees:

£500/space – until 31 May deadline for early application
£600/space – 1 June onward

Schedule (subject to change)

Tuesday 12 July
9:00 am – 6:00 pm Innovation Zone open for set up

Wednesday 13 July
Exhibits open during conference hours and prior to dinner during drinks reception (in the demo area)

7:30 am – 7:30 pm- Innovation Zone is open
10:30 – 10:45 am – Break in Innovation Zone
12:15 – 2:00 pm– Lunch in the Innovation Zone
3:45 – 4:00 pm – Break in Innovation Zone
6:15 – 7:30 pm Cash Bar in Innovation Zone

Thursday 14 July
7:30 am – 2:00 pm- Innovation Zone is open
10:30 – 10:45 am – Break in Innovation Zone
12:30 – 2:00 pm– Lunch in the Innovation Zone
15:30 – 16:00 Break in Innovation Zone

Exhibits open until end of last break (16:00).

Teardown commences immediately after 16:00 and should be finished by 18:00.

Email all questions regarding the Innovation Zone to Andrew Johnston or Rich Welsh at

Questions regarding the Tech Retreat Conference and fees should be directed to



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