HPA Supersession

(Speakers and additional sessions to be announced.)

9:00 am – 4:45 pm

Snowflake Workflows are Turning into Distribution Snowstorms!: Distribution Snowstorms  Just when you thought that standards might drive standard processes, the choices that technology offers content creators, distributors, exhibitors and audiences has resulted in a road that is sometimes slippery to navigate. Our 2016 SuperSession is densely packed with all of those topics that make the path ahead one with a few twists and turns – but that makes it fun to drive. Just don’t forget your snow shovel.

9:00 am – 9:30 am Keynote – Snowflakes Turn Into a Blizzard of deliverables: How do you make a master to service all deliverables from theatrical to home?
Leon Silverman, HPA
Jerry Pierce, Vice President of HPA

9:30 am – 10:30 am Workflow V2016 – “Synthetic Films” – how the modern motion picture is increasingly made in a computer
A look at the evolution of VFX from a handful of shots to the entire film including Pre Viz, VFX, Post Viz and how this impacts the creation of a modern motion picture.
Moderator: Carolyn Giardina, Contributing Editor, Tech, The Hollywood Reporter
Christian Roberton, MPC
Chris Edwards, The Third Floor
David Morin, ASC/ADG/VVFX Virtual Production Committee

10:30 am – 10:50 am Refreshment Break

10:50 am – 11:50 am Home Delivery – EHV, OTT, EMA, IMF, EIDR and other TLAs
Worldwide audiences are increasingly turning to digital online streaming and download. Content providers are looking for efficient ways to serve their content through global digital retail platforms that are in turn looking to provide enhanced experiences to consumers. Standards and specifications from the Electronic Merchants Association, SMPTE and Movie Labs are being proposed to help streamline delivery and create these new online capabilities. Meet the players who are re-tooling the industry for new digital online content and learn about EMA Avails, Media Manifest, EDIR, IMF and other specs and standards that will enable more powerful online consumer experiences.
Christopher Stefanidis, Walt Disney Studios
Bill Kotzman, Google, Inc.
Craig Seidel, MovieLabs
Chris Fetner, Netflix

11:50 am – 12:35 pm Shooting RAW 4K is just the first step to delivering HDR, Wide Color, and 4K.
What workflows are required to protect your ability to deliver the extended formats requested next year? An expert panel has been gathered to review options in post production and archiving to assure the right assets are in your vaults to create and deliver these new requests in a timely manner.
Moderator: Phil Squyres, Sony TV
Bill Baggelaar, Sony Pictures
Annie Chang, Disney
Larry Chernoff, MTI

12:35 pm – 1:35 pm Lunch

1:35 pm -2:20 pm Da Kids – An Endless Appetite: How Content Consumption Will change Content Creation
Michael Cioni, Light Iron

2:20 pm – 3:05 pm Case Study – Films Playing in the Global Sandbox
A look at Pixar’s Inside Out and how they created a film that not only was presented in over 40 spoken languages, but also speaks to unique local cultural sensibility.
Cynthia Slavens, Pixar Animation Studios
Cynthia Lusk, Pixar Animation Studios
Eric Pearson, Pixar Animation Studios

3:05 pm – 3:25 pm Refreshment Break

3:25 pm – 4:35 pm Case Study – Original OTT Content
Our speakers will lead a case study presenting creative, technical and scheduling processes for finishing and delivery of an original OTT show.
Mark Smirnoff, Technicolor
Mike Weiss, Amazon Studios

4:35 pm – 4:45 pm What Just Happened? A review of the day by Jerry Pierce and Leon Silverman