The HPA exists to support creative professionals and companies in the postproduction community. Your support of the HPA makes it possible for us to provide thought leadership to the industry, programs, such as the J. Michael Brinkman Scholarship Fund, and events, including the annual HPA Tech Retreat, HPA Awards, our regular networking events, as well as other activities which benefit our members and the post industry.  We encourage technology companies, facilities, distributors, system integrators, manufacturers and individuals to join HPA and receive membership benefits for you, your company and employees.












General Information

Membership in HPA is open to individuals and corporations. Each level of membership provides the possibility to participate on the Board of Directors and on Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.

Membership Categories

Hardware and Software Post Production Equipment and Tools

Comprised of manufacturers and those organizations that provide hardware or software-based post production tools and those individuals working with them whose employment directly relates to or supports post production.

Post Production Services

Comprised of post production services companies and facilities – and the individuals employed by them – who provide picture and sound services including post production video, sound editorial, design and mixing services, visual effects, titles/opticals, captioning, graphic design, film laboratory services, digital to film recording services, digital encoding, DVD authoring, encoding, and replication, interactive media services and other post production services. This category also includes freelancers, who work in a technical, creative, supervisory, coordination, marketing/sales or executive capacity within a service company.


Comprised of major film studios and television networks that provide post production support for ongoing projects or maintain post production capabilities within their organizations. Also individuals who are employed in a technical, creative, supervisory, coordination, marketing/sales, or executive post production capacity within a motion picture studio or television network.

Post Production Professional

This membership category is comprised of individuals that provide related creative or technical services or are involved in post production as part of a collaborative process or where post production is not their primary business. This category includes individuals at production companies, advertising agencies, editorial companies, companies that provide in-house corporate post production services and individuals that provide technical, creative, supervisory, post coordination, marketing/sales or other services to the industry.

Support Services

Comprised of those organizations that provide products or services that support the post production industry. This category includes businesses such as consultants, law firms, accounting firms, leasing companies, banks, equipment rental companies, tape stock suppliers, and editing rooms. This includes individuals who are employed by these organizations or work in a freelance capacity and whose employment directly relates to the support of the post production industry.

Media and Trade Publication

Comprised of those organizations that publish media via hard copy or electronically and public relations firms covering the post production industry. This includes individuals who are employed by media and trade publications and public relations firms and freelance journalists and PR professionals whose employment directly relates to coverage or support of the post production industry.


Companies or individuals involved in production, distribution, broadcast, broadband or ancillary businesses who work with those in post production as part of a related or collaborative process.

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