Past Winners


Outstanding Color Grading Feature Film in a DI Process

Tom Poole // Company 3

Stephen Nakamura // Company 3

“Once Upon a Time in Anatolia”
James Norman // 1000volt

“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
Adam Glasman // Company 3

“The Iron Lady”
Rob Pizzey // Company 3

Outstanding Color Grading – Television

“Game of Thrones – The Prince of Winterfell”
Joe Finley // Modern VideoFilm

“Magic City – Castles Made of Sand” 
Tony D’Amore // Technicolor Creative Services Hollywood

“Hatfields & McCoys Miniseries – Night 2″
Lorraine Grant

“Castle – The Blue Butterfly”
Tony Smith // Encore

“Boardwalk Empire – 21″
Martin Zeichner // Technicolor-PostWorks New York

Outstanding Color Grading – Commercial

Captain Morgan “Secret Passage”
Tim Masick // Company 3

Audi “Ahab”
Sean Coleman // Company 3

Chrysler “Halftime in America”
Siggy Ferstl // Company 3

Ciroc “Rat Pack”
Dave Hussey // Company 3

Elizabeth Arden “Wonderstruck”
Tim Masick // Company 3

Outstanding Editing – Feature Film

“The Artist”
Michel Hazanavicius // La Classe Américaine
Anne – Sophie Bion

“The Dark Knight Rises”
Lee Smith, A.C.E.

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
Kirk Baxter, A.C.E. and Angus Wall, A.C.E.

Thelma Schoonmaker, A.C.E. // Sikelia Productions

“Marvel’s The Avengers”
Jeff Ford, A.C.E. and Lisa Lassek

Outstanding Editing – Television

“Breaking Bad – Face Off”
Skip Macdonald, A.C.E.

“Downton Abbey – Series 2 Episode 7″
John Wilson, A.C.E. // Carnival Film & Television

“Boardwalk Empire –
Under God’s Power She Flourishes”

Kate Sanford, A.C.E.

“Homeland – Pilot”
Jordan Goldman and David Latham

“Final Witness – Graveyard Love”
Miky Wolf // Big Sky Editorial

“Dexter – Those Kinds of Things”
Louis Cioffi, A.C.E.

Outstanding Editing – Commercial

ESPN MLB “Walk Off”
Jeff Ferruzzo // Outside Editorial

Werthers “Magic”
Kristin McCasey // Therapy Studios

MasterCard “Tango”
Chris Franklin // Big Sky Editorial

Miller64 “Living the Dream”
Jeff Ferruzzo // Outside Editorial

Telekom “Life”
Doobie White // Therapy Studios

Outstanding Sound – Feature Film

“The Hunger Games”
Lon Bender, Bill Dean, Kris Fenske and
Glynna Grimala // Soundelux
Mike Prestwood Smith and Michael Keller // Todd AO

Gary Rydstrom, Tom Johnson, E.J. Holowicki and
Gwendolyn Yates Whittle // Skywalker Sound

“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”
Skip Lievsay, Blake Leyh, Eliza Paley and
Paul Urmson // Warner Bros. Sound

“The Adventures of Tin Tin”
Chris Ward, Brent Burge, Michael Hedges, Christopher Boyes and Andy Nelson // Park Road Post Production

“Safe House”
Nico Louw, Chris Jenkins, Frank A. Montaño and
Conrad Kuhne // Universal Studios Sound
Per Hallberg // Soundelux

Outstanding Sound – Television

“Grimm – Pilot”
Mark Lanza, Larry Mann, Alan Decker and Nello
Torri // Universal Sound

“Person of Interest – Matsya Nyaya”
Scott Weber and Keith Rogers // |
Disney Digital Studio Services
Tom de Gorter and Matt Sawelson // Atomic Sound

“Hatfields & McCoys Miniseries – Night 3”
Christian Cooke and Brad Zoern

“The Walking Dead – Beside the Dying Fire”
Jerry Ross, Lou Thomas, Tim Farrell,
Gary Rogers, Dan Hiland, Phil Barrie and Bartek Swiatek //
Warner Bros. Sound

“Homeland – Finale: Marine One”
Craig Dellinger, Jonathan Golodner and Larry Goeb
// Sony Pictures Studios
Alan Decker and Nello Torri // Universal Sound

Outstanding Sound – Commercial

Lurpak “Rainbow”
Aaron Reynolds // Wave Studios

Nissan Leaf “Gas Powered Everything”
Jimmy Hite // Margarita Mix Santa Monica

Durex “Vinyl”
Jack Sedgwick // Wave Studios

Cadbury’s “Twirly Gig”
Parv Thind // Wave Studios

Irish Road Safety “Drug Driving Night Out”
Aaron Reynolds // Wave Studios

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