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Testronic supports bk|media for the first 4K Ultra HD title with Dolby VisionTM authored in Europe

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Testronic logo 500bk|media selected Testronic, the leader in quality control, localization services and compliance, for testing of the feature film Jigsaw. The title is the first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (UHD) disc to be authored in Europe containing Dolby VisionTM High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Testronic worked closely with bk|media and Dolby to support the process, thus ensuring the quality of the finished product, which utilized the latest in authoring, plus top-tier audio applications and visual elements.

Jigsaw includes Dolby Atmos® audio, making it possible to move sound in 3-dimensional space anywhere in the room, including overhead. The resulting Dolby Vision enhanced title delivers greater brightness and contrast, plus a broader palette of rich colors which transform the home-viewing experience.

“We started working on Dolby Vision towards the end of 2017, with the goal of having our first title on the market by February of2018”, declares bk|media’s CEO Darius Bock. “We’re proud to have achieved this milestone within the expected timeframe, but should mention that without the help of Dolby, DVDLogic (the developers of KITe Authoring application) and of course Testronic, this feat would not have been possible.”

“We’ve been working on Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos projects at both our Burbank and Warsaw sites since the beginning,” says Jason Gish, senior VP Film & Television for Testronic. “They are compelling technologies which together create a more immersive and engaging experience for the consumer and require expert quality assessment to ensure that they meet expectations. We are honored and excited to work with bk|media and Dolby to help usher high quality UHD to the European market.”

Jigsaw, directed by the Spierig brothers, is the latest installment of the popular Saw series. The film stars Matt Passmore, Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie and is available on physical media.


About Testronic Laboratories

Testronic’s high standards have been protecting clients and safeguarding the consumer experience since 1998 As the leading global provider of quality control, compliance, and localization services for the entertainment industries, including film, television & games, and VR, Testronic ensures efficient and secure delivery of the highest quality consumer deliverables. Based in Burbank (USA), London (UK) and Warsaw (Poland), Testronic offers an unparalleled history of next-generation innovation and service excellence across the entire digital media industry.

About bk|media

Collaborate with German and international film distributors and licensors, helping them to achieve maximum value from their content. Service portfolio includes authoring of DVD, Blu-ray productions and Utra HD Blu-ray, archiving of film content and the digital distribution of Video on Demand data to various global, national and European VOD providers.

19 2018 Mar

Patronus Helps Prevent Leaks of this Season’s Academy Award Screeners

In the frenzied run up to this year’s awards season, movie studios sent DVD screeners of their best films to Academy, guild and BAFTA members, critics and others around the globe in hopes of securing a nomination or even an Oscar. To ensure that they were only accessible to the intended parties and not subject to illegal use, more than a half million of those discs were protected by Fortium’s Patronus anti-rip content security.

Patronus has become Hollywood’s go-to solution for protecting DVD screeners. As many films contending for major movie awards haven’t been widely released in theatres, it’s imperative to protect screeners from piracy. Patronus prevents unauthorized copying and guards against scores of so-called ripping programs. This season, Patronus was applied to 50 individual award-hopeful titles and, according to newswire reports, once again, no leaked screeners appeared online during the festive period.

“I’m pleased Patronus has played its part in helping to reduce online leaks,” said Fortium CEO Mathew Gilliat-Smith. “We work hard to keep protection levels as high as possible for the screener season which customers can view on the website. There’s a common misperception that DVD screeners always leak but protected discs rarely do as they are not easily susceptible to copying.”

Academy members are fiercely protective over their DVD screeners because they are much easier to watch, and seem to be preferred over online screening alternatives. Physical screeners can be helpful in wooing voters and look good on the shelf. “It seems it will be a while before disc screeners are consigned to history,” Gilliat-Smith observed.

“Fortium consistently updates its DVD and Blu-ray protection technology to stay one step ahead and already the next upgrade is ready for release and will be exhibited on the Fortium stand at NAB,” he added. “Studios appear to find it more productive focusing on the prevention of leaks in the first place rather than on the cost of forensic watermarking and having to play detective after the event.”

In addition to screeners, Patronus is used to protect street discs and high-value special interest content. It helps content owners protect revenues by selling more discs though less free copying. Along with movie studios, the software is used by home entertainment producers; fitness, sports, training companies, and event videographers, as well as for memory videos.

19 2018 Mar

Sohonet Awarded Digital Production Partnership ‘Committed to Security’ Mark

Logo_sohonet_TR2013Sohonet, the global experts in connectivity, media services and network security for the media and entertainment industry, has been awarded the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) ‘Committed to Security’ mark for both the production and broadcast sectors.

To qualify for the programme, suppliers must have demonstrated, both their commitment to best cybersecurity practices for the production and broadcast communities but also their dedication to building a stronger, more secure media supply chain.

Prior to the programme being announced at IBC 2017, 10 companies including The Farm Group, Dropbox and Microsoft had worked closely with the DPP to develop and enhance the programme — now Sohonet is pleased to join a selective (yet growing) community of companies committed to cybersecurity, who hold the DPP Security mark.

“As our customers transition to more-virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure, protecting their high-value media content becomes ever more paramount,” said Ben Roder, CTO at Sohonet. “Sohonet tailors each security solution to fit the needs of each customer whilst leveraging deep industry understanding of the ever-evolving threats facing this industry.”

Roeder added, “We’re huge supporters of the DPP and the work they have done for the M&E industry, we hope the DPP Security mark, will further evidence this industry’s commitment to security.”

Mark Harrison, managing director of the DPP said, ​”We’re delighted that Sohonet has been awarded the DPP’s Committed to Security mark for both broadcast and production. They are part of a rapidly growing community of companies who hold the DPP Security mark. It demonstrates Sohonet’s clear commitment to cybersecurity best practice, and to playing their part in building a more secure media supply chain.”

Further information about Sohonet is available at

Further information about DPP is available at

19 2018 Mar

Avid Reveals Powerful Speaker Line-up at Avid Connect 2018 to Explore Innovation in Action Across Media and Entertainment

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Fifth annual Avid Connect conference includes dozens of informative sessions with valuable thought leadership from accomplished creative, technical, and
business voices from industry-leading media organizations across the globe

Avid®, along with Avid Customer Association (ACA) leadership, recently unveiled the extensive speakers list and full program for the fifth annual Avid Connect conference taking place April 6-8, 2018 in Las Vegas, immediately preceding the 2018 NAB Show. Attendees will interact and explore “Innovation in Action” across the global media and entertainment landscape, learning directly from creative, technical and business peers at the forefront of industry innovation and transformation in the digital era. Industry professionals can take part by signing up for the pre-event discount rate at through March 31, 2018.

This year’s Avid Connect roster of speakers is larger and more user-focused than ever before, delivering insights and creating an exchange with some of the industry’s most celebrated media companies such as The Discovery Channel, Digital Production Partnership, DigitalFilm Tree, and Sinclair, and technology leaders such as Fortium and Microsoft, as well as industry research and news organizations including The Broadcast Bridge, Devoncroft Partners, Frost & Sullivan, TVNewsCheck, The Hollywood Reporter, Broadcast Beat, and Broadcast TECH.

Focused through two learning tracks in answer to the industry’s most pressing needs, Business of Broadcast & Media and Creation of Compelling Content, Avid Connect 2018 ensures valuable exploration and discovery for participants at all levels of the industry—whether they’re a media company executive, part of a production team, or an independent professional or creative artist. Panels and sessions include:

  • The Cloud Revolution: Taking Media Operations to New Heights
  • Navigate Immersive Viewer Experiences: New Business Prospects, New Potential Content in VR & AR
  • Olympic Size Productions – How the Biggest Names in Sports Deliver the Biggest Live Events
  • Master the Workflow: The Clearest Path to Becoming a Feature Film Editor
  • Creating a Compelling Immersive Audio Mix for VR Content

“The Avid Customer Association’s unique mission and proposition to create an inclusive platform for anyone in our industry to collaborate and take action is the key to its record for producing more beneficial gatherings year after year,” said Avid CEO and President Jeff Rosica. “Avid’s proud of what we’ve created in partnership with the ACA leadership and members who are stepping forward to collaboratively address our collective needs. We’re eager for attendees to enjoy the synergy among the gathered thought leaders, business trendsetters, technology innovators and award-winning creative artists from Avid’s preeminent client and user community and beyond.”

Second annual ACA Vote results to be announced

With its unsurpassed broad industry representation, the ACA provides the most effective means to keep a finger on the pulse of the future of media and entertainment technology. Avid Connect will provide the defining moment when the second annual ACA Vote results will be announced. Last year, the ACA Vote prioritized Avid’s year of product releases and innovation and brought to light the membership’s strategic technology priorities spanning IP connectivity, 4K, cloud infrastructure, UHD/4K content creation, and virtual and augmented reality.  Industry professionals can register for the ACA today for free to cast their own vote before the deadline of March 19, 2018.

Explore new media and entertainment technologies

Attendees of Avid Connect 2018 will also enjoy ample hands-on opportunity with new technologies from across the vendor community.  In the Partner Pavilion spotlight, companies including AMD, Aspera, Dell, Glookast, PACE Anti-Piracy, Quantum, and Western Digital will demonstrate their roles in the rich ecosystem made possible by the openness of Avid’s tools and Avid MediaCentral®, showcasing their innovative products for users of Avid workflows.

Additionally, Avid will reveal its latest wave of product introductions and enhancements –   influenced by the ACA Vote – that empower customers and users to thrive in the digital era. During the Avid Connect general session, Avid’s leadership team will for the first time detail its breakthroughs across post, sports, news, and sound that will enable its entire community to go even further than previously imagined.

Industry professionals can register today for Avid Connect before the discounted rate ends on March 31 and immediately start to take full advantage of the Avid Connect App, which enables attendees to connect with other participants in advance to make the most of this unique three-day event.