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30 2016 Mar

Dear Friends of HPA, Welcome to the revamped HPA Newsline!

BLange_headshotIn keeping with the tremendous changes here at the Hollywood Professional Association, we are proud to present this revitalized forum for our members to catch up on news and trends in our various intersecting industries. It is our hope that you find this monthly e-newsletter of value, and that you share your stories, announcements and events here. This is just one of the ways we aim to continue to keep our community vibrant, growing and connected.

If you have news to share, and idea to explore, or events to announce, we urge you to submit them here.

The re-launch of Newsline marks a time of great change for HPA. During last month’s Tech Retreat, Leon Silverman stepped down as President of the HPA, an organization he helped found and which he has steered for the last fourteen years.  We are fortunate that he will continue to share his vision and ideas with us as he continues on the Board of Directors in the role of Past President. New President Seth Hallen brings with him a deep experience in the industry, as well as a profound dedication to the HPA. Seth has served as a Board member since 2007, with a slate of initiatives to share and the enthusiasm and talent to execute them.  Seth will be a featured regular in the newsletter.

In other important news, HPA is going global! The HPA Tech Retreat UK will be held in Oxfordshire, the 13th and 14th of July, 2016.  More information is included in this issue of the Newsline.  Be sure to register to attend this event as a delegate, Innovation Zone demonstration, or as a sponsor.  Learn more here.

Finally, we have completed the transition from Hollywood Post Alliance to the Hollywood Professional Association.  “Professional” more accurately recognizes the ever-widening tapestry of companies and individuals that bring brilliance and innovation to the business of media content.  You can see our new logo in the masthead above.

As we head into the next phase of the HPA, I want you all to know that I consider it an honor to serve as your Executive Director, and I look forward to working with you in the year to come as we take new and exciting steps together.  As our newly-past president is fond of saying, our best work is ahead of us!

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30 2016 Mar



The HPA Awards Committee has announced the submission dates for two important special awards: Engineering Excellence and Creativity & Innovation.  Submissions will be accepted from 6 APRIL 2016 to 20 May 2016.

10th Annual HPA Awards CereomonyThe HPA Engineering Excellence Award is recognized as one of the most important technology honors in the industry, spotlighting companies and individuals who draw upon technical and creative ingenuity to develop breakthrough technologies.  Submissions for this peer judged award may include products or processes, and must represent a step forward for its industry beneficiaries. Presentations to peer judging panels will be announced soon, and will take place over the summer.  Past winners have included Dolby, Canon, NVIDIA, MACOM, The Foundry, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Lightcraft, and Telestream.

The HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation seeks to recognize companies and individuals that have demonstrated excellence in Production through Exhibition, whether that be in creative storytelling and/or technical innovation. The key criterion is whether the entrant demonstrates – through creativity or the use of new approaches, tools, workflows or ideas – a notable step from a technical, creative or efficiency perspective. Submissions for the award can include content such as a unique movie, television program or commercial; a workflow, proprietary technical development, hardware or software toolset, or a creative approach that is not eligible for consideration in other HPA Award categories. A blue ribbon panel determines the award’s winners. Past winners of the Judge’s Award have included ESPN Digital Center 2, DigitalFiIm Tree, the American Society of Cinematographers: Color Decision List (ASC CDL,) Testronic Lab and EFILM among others.

For rules and information, visit: hpaonline.

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30 2016 Mar

So Much to See, so Little Time: HPA Members and Friends Pick their First Stop at NAB


A crowded show floor and a jam-packed docket looms ahead for many of us attending NAB 2016. Here’s a quick look at who and what our community is looking for as soon as they walk in the door of LVCC.  And, let us know what you want to see here.

Andrea Kalas, President, Association of Moving Image Archivists:

Ang Lee of course! But from an archivist’s perspective, how are we going to archive 4K HDR Hi frame rate? And for what future technology? Will there be even more interesting technical evolutions? What’s the future after this future??

Andy Donahue – Director of Marketing, Killer Tracks

I cannot wait to hold the new Carbon Fiber Red WEAPON 6k camera!  Super light and can shoot 6K at 100 fps which would be insane to use on an action shoot, if you had to be agile and moving around a lot filming.

Jim Wicks, Colorist (HPA’s newest member!)

At NAB 2016 I expect many products – displays, grading and finishing systems, HDR, Wide Color Gamut – and will focus on colorists, whose numbers are growing. I plan on meeting with interested parties to help represent the colorists and bring into close alliance those color artists who desire to advance the prestige and dignity of the color profession.

Brian Pope, CEO, Cognition

We’re big believers in the idea that technology can actually make humanity more humane, not less–so we always look for products,  technologies and new applications for existing technologies that make communication between people better, that make art richer, deeper and more accessible, and which make people better able to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Walt Bigelow, Chief Engineer MVF Point.360

High speed clustered storage (SAN/NAS), new HDR display technologies and 4k/UHD waveform and QC systems.  And, we’ll be checking out new camera systems, dailies and encoding, along with workflow and facility automation products.

Matthew Schneider, Director of Technology, PostWorks New York

My focus at NAB may be with what is still a very ambiguous part of our industry: workflow collaboration, cloud-based toolsets, and better ways of “stitching together” fractioned slices of our overall pipeline. The other areas of priority are a bit more core: updated display technologies, updated versions of the color and NLE software we use the most, and whatever the camera-of-the-moment is. Naturally we’ll have to see what this VR thing is all about (especially for those of us that did not make it to CES or HPA.)

Christy King, Consultant/Technologist

First thing I’m going to see is the Future of Cinema Conference on Saturday. On the show floor, I’m going to begin my quest to see how MAM systems are incorporating Rights Management metadata.

Brian Terrell, CEO of GPL Technologies

This year should be the year of virtual reality.  Looking forward to seeing the ecosystem of products to enhance the filmmaker’s creativity. We will be looking for ways to help our clients create more iterations in less time.

Tell us what you’re looking forward to seeing!