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24 2017 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat: Latest in Remote, Mobile, Live Productions

Grass Valley regional account manager Mark Chiolis moderated the HPA Tech Retreat 2017 version of an annual panel looking at the latest trends in remote, mobile, live productions. “Last year’s panelists focused on traditional remote, mobile, live,” said Chiolis. “This year we’re expanding the definition of what live and remote is.” NEP technical advisor George Hoover, focusing on the use of IP in live events, described a new remote production model in which only cameras, camera operators and audio capture are at the venue.

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23 2017 Feb

Fox Exec Bullish on HDR, CBS VP Says Network “Hasn’t Made Any Decision Yet”

Hollywood has starting to produce some high dynamic range (HDR) motion pictures and home entertainment. And at January’s CES, all of the major set makers showed TVs with HDR capabilities and touted its potential. But what do the broadcasters think?

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23 2017 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat: Washington Update Examines IP, FCC, FAA

At the HPA Tech Retreat, Thompson Coburn attorney Jim Burger delivered his annual Washington Update, opening with a clip of President Trump suggesting that his government is operating like a well-oiled machine. “I have nothing to say,” said Burger in response, reporting that Marco Rubio told him, “every day something is new in the Senate.” Burger’s update focused on intellectual property issues, including litigation, as well as actions of the FCC regarding net neutrality and set-top boxes, and the FAA regarding drones.

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23 2017 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat: NEC Exec Details Progress of 8K Broadcast

Yesterday during the HPA Tech Retreat, NEC Corporation executive engineer Dr. Masayuki Sugawara, who chairs the digital broadcasting experts group (DiBEG) and is vice president of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers (ITE), described the world’s first 8K regular broadcast. In Japan, the broadcast starts at 10:00 am and is transmitted all over the country for seven hours via satellite. “It’s in the test phase, aimed at moving to a commercial phase next year,” said Sugawara, who notes that NHK had its first public demonstration of 8K in 2002.

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23 2017 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat: Impact of OTT Video on TV/Film Production

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP), formed and funded by UK broadcasters BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to help broadcast companies maximize the potential benefits of digital TV production, conducted in-depth research into how OTT video is produced. It reports that more audiovisual content is now commissioned for uses other than broadcast distribution, with many production companies now producing entirely for the non-broadcast market. At the HPA Tech Retreat in Indian Wells, DPP managing director Mark Harrison addressed how this is impacting the film/TV production industry.

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22 2017 Feb

Disney Digital Studio GM Outlines “Biggest Challenges” In Delivering Quality Cinema Experiences

With so many ways to see a film — PLF (premium large format), 3D, laser projection, HDR — and then supporting them for a growing number of devices, “one of the biggest challenges” for the studios is the complexity of the workflows needed to finish these numerous and varying deliverables, warned Disney’s general manager, digital studio, Leon Silverman. “The number of color masters would represent a puzzle that I think would challenge Rubik.”

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22 2017 Feb

Landmark Cinemas CEO: “I Love Tentpoles but I Need More Than That”

Neil Campbell, president/CEO of Landmark Cinemas, asserted that he needs a steady stream of all types of movies—not just tentpoles—to keep his cinemas healthy.

“I love tentpoles, but I need more than that. It doesn’t pay all the bills and doesn’t take care of all my customers. I need [at least] one new film every Friday,” he said during a frank conversation with entertainment technology professionals Tuesday at the Hollywood Professional Association (formerly Hollywood Post Alliance) Tech Retreat in Palms Springs.

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22 2017 Feb

HPA 2017: The Big Screen Resurges

INDIAN WELLS, CALIF.—People are watching YouTube videos on TV, the Super Bowl online, and movies where you’d never guess—in theaters. Day No. 2 of the HPA Tech Retreat was an overview of what’s new, what’s old and what’s new again in the way of media content creation and distribution.

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22 2017 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat Panel Examines the Spectacle of the Theater

At the HPA Tech Retreat in Indian Wells, Walt Disney Studios executive/HPA founder Leon Silverman opened the discussion with a look at PLF (premium large format) cinemas. “We have unprecedented levels of quality and immersiveness today,” he said. With the new technologies in resolution, color gamut, dynamic range and brightness, however, comes more work in post production houses.

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31 2017 Jan

Experts, Artists from the Leading Edge of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Head to The Desert

Experts, Artists from the Leading Edge of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Head to The Desert
Speakers from Jaunt, RSA, Radiant Images and More Will Present at TR-X


LOS ANGELES 30 January 2017 –– The day before the official start of the 2017 HPA Tech Retreat, on 20 February, the VR/AR community will come together at TR-X (Tech Retreat eXtra) for a full afternoon of engagement with the thought leaders, experts, and storytellers of Virtual and Augmented Reality. A second TR-X will focus on the latest developments in the ATSC. While the HPA Tech Retreat has long been recognized as an incomparable opportunity to meet and engage with a world-class roster of well-known and emerging leaders in engineering, technology, creativity and business, TR-X offers that same pedigree in a smaller group with a single focus. The HPA Tech Retreat takes place in Indian Wells, California, near Palm Springs.

TR-X VR/AR is co-chaired by Lucas Wilson (Founder/Executive Producer, SuperSphereVR) and Marcie Jastrow (Senior Vice President, Immersive Media; Head, Technicolor Experience Center), who will lead a discussion focused on the changing VR/AR landscape in the context of rapidly growing integration into entertainment and applications. Thought leaders and creative panelists will tackle crucial questions: What do you need to understand to enable VR in your environment? How do you adapt? What are the workflows? Storytellers, technologists, and industry leaders provide an overview of the technology and discuss how to harness emerging technologies in the service of the artistic vision. A series of diverse case studies and creative explorations – from NASA to the NFL – examine how to engage the audience.

TR-X, as well as the 2017 HPA Tech Retreat main program, brings together top industry experts for uniquely unbiased and authentic discussion, deliberation, and debate for key technologies and workflows. The TR-X program, along with the complete HPA Tech Retreat program, is available here. Additional sessions and speakers will be announced. (Please note the final schedule is subject to change.)

VR/AR Speakers and Panel Overview

Monday 20 February TR-X

VR/AR Session

Co-Chairs Lucas Wilson (Founder/Executive Producer, SuperSphereVR) and Marcie Jastrow (SVP Immersive Media; Head, Technicolor Experience Center) will lead a discussion focused on the changing VR/AR landscape in the context of rapidly growing integration into entertainment applications.

Opening and Introductions

Seth Hallen, HPA President


Technical Introduction: 360/VR/AR/MR

Lucas Wilson, Founder/Executive Producer, SuperSphereVR

Panel Discussion: The VR/AR Market

Marcie Jastrow, SVP Immersive Media; Head, Technicolor Experience Center

David Moretti, Director of Corporate Development, Jaunt

Catherine Day, Head of VR/AR, M ss ng P eces

Phil Lelyveld, VR/AR Initiative Program Lead, Entertainment Technology Center at USC

Acquisition Technology

Koji Gardiner, VP, Hardware, Jaunt


Live 360 Production Case Study

Andrew McGovern, VP of VR/AR Productions, Digital Domain


Live 360 Production Case Study

Michael Mansouri, Founder, Radiant Images


Interactive VR Production Case Study

Tim Dillon, Head of VR & Immersive Content, MPC Advertising USA


Immersive Audio Production Case Study

Kyle Schember, CEO, Subtractive


Panel Discussion: The Future

Alan Lasky, Director of Studio Product Development, 8i

Ben Grossmann, CEO, Magnopus

Scott Squires, CTO, Creative Director, Pixvana

Moderator: Lucas Wilson, Founder-Executive Producer, SuperSphereVR

Jen Dennis, EP of Branded Content, RSA


Panel Discussion: New Voices: Young Professionals in VR

Anne Jimkes, Sound Designer and Composer, Ecco VR

Jyotsna Kadimi, USC Graduate

Sho Schrock, Chapman University Student

Brian Handy, USC Student


TR-X also includes an ATSC 3.0 seminar, focusing on the next generation television broadcast standard, which is nearing completion and offers a wide range of new content delivery options to the TV production community. This session will explore the expanding possibilities that the new standard provides in video, audio, interactivity and more. Presenters and panelists will also discuss the complex next-gen television distribution ecosystem that content must traverse, and the technologies that will bring the content to life in consumers’ homes.


Early registration is highly recommended for TR-X and the HPA Tech Retreat, which is a perennially sold-out event. For more information on event and sponsorship opportunities, contact For press registration, visit the HPA Tech Retreat registration, or contact ignite strategic communications for further information.

Sponsors of the HPA Tech Retreat include HPA Foundation members Avid, Company 3, Deluxe, Dolby, EFilm, and Encore; gold sponsors Aspera, Avid, Blackmagic Design, and SohoNet; bronze sponsor YouTube; brand sponsors AltSystems, Primary Data, and Spectra; and contributing sponsors Avarta and PixSpan.


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About the HPA Tech Retreat

The HPA Tech Retreat® is a gathering of the top industry engineering, technical, and creative talent, as well as strategic business leaders, focused on technology, from all aspects of digital cinema, post production, film, television, video, broadcast and related technology areas, for the exchange of information. The HPA Tech Retreat takes place in Palm Springs, California, and Oxfordshire, UK.


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