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20 2014 Feb

Colorfront Showcases Landmark Cloud Innovations

Colorfront, the Academy and Emmy Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, high-end episodic television and commercials, is showcasing the latest advances of its ground-breaking Colorfront Cloud Services at HPA’s Tech Retreat, Palm Springs, and at NAB 2014, Las Vegas.

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20 2014 Feb

HPA Day #2: The Washington Update… Courts appear to be expanding Fair Use

Jim Burger of Thomson Coburn LLP traditionally provides the Washington Update at the HPA Tech Retreat. This year’s topic du jour was intellectual property, and how Congress and the legal system are grappling with related laws.

Last month,  a House hearing entitled “The Scope of Copyright Protection” highlighted a battle over broadcaster copyright protection, as well as copyright for “codes, laws and standards,” which Burger described as “facts.”

“You can’t copyright facts,” he said.

20 2014 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat 2014 – Day 3

The HPA Tech Retreat is an annual gathering where film and TV industry folks discuss all manner of technical and business issues. It’s the sort of conference where the chap next to you spends his time editing a six-camera show in FCP 7 on his MacBook Air. I’m taking notes during the sessions and posting them; it’s a very limited transcription of what’s going on, but it should at least give you an idea of the breadth and depth of the topics. Wednesday was day three of the five-day event; I’ve also written up days one and two, and two more days are yet to come.

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20 2014 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat blog: 4K-ready content, fast production with dual content cameras

By Tom Coughlin

Indian Wells, California — Although current content distribution is at HD, it is clear that 4K distribution will be commonplace in just a few years. As a result, many content producers are capturing content in both HD formats and 4K formats.

As might be expected, this increases the total data rate needed to capture this dual format content as well as the resulting storage capacity requirements. The actual size of the total content package depends upon the 4K content format.

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20 2014 Feb

HPA Day #2: In-Venue VOD KC soccer team brings TV to the park

INDIAN WELLS, CALIF.—Live sporting events are eating themselves. There’s more and more competition between the venue and the home. A stadium in Kansas City is addressing the problem by combining the two. James Stellpflug of EVS provided an overview at the HPA Technology Retreat on Wednesday.

First, some figures from a January 2012 Cisco survey:
—74 percent of fans want to see more big screen HD content throughout the venue.
—45 percent said they would pay more if HD video was available throughout the venue.
—41 percent say they’d like to be able to see alternate camera angles than what they can see from their seat view.

20 2014 Feb

HPA Day #2: Social Media Mining What do you do with it?

INDIAN WELLS, CALIF. —Talking about social media’s impact on TV is all the rage. Figuring out how usefully to leverage that is a bit more amorphous. The topic was tackled in a panel discussion Wednesday at the HPA Technology Retreat.

“The interaction with the customer is changing,” said Kurt Kyle of SAP. “Content is going directly to the consumer.”This means anarchy for traditional metrics. Content providers and those who support them are trying to bring order to the chaos, or at least convince media companies that there’s value in mining social media data: 59 percent of media organizations have no analytics tied to content management; 94 percent use social media solely for marketing; 64 percent still rely on “very manual content distribution cycles;” 97 percent have no automated, real-time analytics, according to Social Media Today, HP, SE-AIA and Forbes.

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19 2014 Feb

Colorfront Showcases Landmark Cloud Innovations

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Colorfront (, the Academy and Emmy Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, high-end episodic television and commercials, is showcasing the latest advances of its ground-breaking Colorfront Cloud Services at HPA’s Tech Retreat, Palm Springs, and at NAB 2014, Las Vegas.
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19 2014 Feb

HPA Tech Retreat Gets Underway This Week in Palm Springs

The Hollywood Post Alliance’s Tech Retreat began its first full day of programming Tuesday morning, marking the 20th consecutive year of the event. Held at the Hyatt Regency in Indian Wells, CA, the event is a combination tech symposium and trade show, which brings together professionals working in various aspects of motion picture and television post-production to discuss emerging trends and technologies. Tuesday’s program featured a daylong session: “The New Normal is Anything But — How Digital Technology from Creation to Consumption Impacts Everything.”

Speaking to a full hall in the Regency conference center’s main ballroom, HPA President Leon Silverman opened the program with a presentation outlining the evolution of post-production over the last thirty years, beginning with the introduction of the first non-linear editing system in 1984. Silverman’s remarks highlighted both the challenges and opportunities that face the industry as a result of the transition to completely digital methods of content creation and distribution.

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11 2014 Feb

Tech Retreat Looks at Video’s ‘New Normal’

Annual HPA gathering to focus on IP, color and digital cinema
If one attempted to join today’s best ideas and breakthroughs with some of the best minds in the industry—and throw in several dozen exhibitors for good measure—a logical result would be the 2014 HPA Tech Retreat. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Hollywood Post Alliance’s annual sojourn for television and film’s movers and shakers will return to the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells here Feb. 17–21. – See more here.

6 2014 Jan

HPA Tech Retreat Celebrates 20 years of Inquiry and Illumination

Media Contact:
Chris Purse, 818.303.8088
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 HPA Tech Retreat Celebrates 20 years of Inquiry and Illumination
Industry Thought Leaders and Technology Mavens Head Back to Palm Springs for Thoughtful Exploration of an Industry in Transition

January 6, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA)   For the past twenty years, the Hollywood Post Alliance® (HPA) Tech Retreat® has gathered a veritable who’s who in engineering, technology, creativity, and strategic business together for a structured yet informal meeting of the minds; where top industry leaders engaged in all aspects of production, distribution, post production, film, television, web and related endeavors, gather in an environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge and information. This year’s 20th Anniversary confab promises all of that and more from February 17-21, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Indian Wells near Palm Springs, CA.

The Tech Retreat offers attendees the chance to explore the opportunities and the complexities facing an industry in transition, and to investigate new solutions and technologies that impact its many constituents.

The HPA Tech Retreat offers lively conference sessions, networking events and technology demonstrations to an engaged audience of participants and panelists that hail from a pool of the top technical, creative, business and hands-on experts. Topics will take the Tech Retreat audience from the nitty gritty to the very precipice.

For a full schedule, visit  On Monday, February 17th, the event opens for early registration and a pre-Retreat course titled Physics, Psychophysics, and Vision for Advanced Motion Imaging from Charles Poynton and John Watkinson. Tuesday launches the HPA Tech Retreat, with the HPA Supersession: The New Normal is Anything But, focusing on the impact of new distribution platforms in production and post. Wednesday through Friday mornings feature breakfast roundtables where any industry relevant topic goes. The HPA Demo Room opens on Tuesday with demos and cocktails and is a hotbed of new products and technologies that feature curated and expert-demos which illustrate the latest developments. Wednesday focuses on the consumer experience and impact, and Thursday production and post. The Tech Retreat concludes Friday morning, with highlights and an emphasis on engineering. The entire event features many opportunities for one-on-one discussion with industry innovators, technology experts, business executives and other top professionals.

Mark Schubin, Multiple-Emmy-award-winning SMPTE Fellow has been working in television since 1967, writing about it since 1972, and chairing the HPA Tech Retreat program since 1997, commented on the engaging presentations set for next month. “We are dealing with fundamental changes in the very nature of our industry, from changing methodologies – broadcast, cable, DVD, DVR, for example- to the previously unthinkable, such as giving fans in a stadium access to their own instant replays, letting social media shape programming, and all of those things that lay beyond. This is a challenging but expansive time. For example, at the Tech Retreat, we’ll feature a presentation that may appear to be purely tech-focused and narrow (i.e., new display connections) but it will show how the consumer technology is powerfully driving the professional world. As always, we’ll be digging into important topics that are thought provoking, but are also important in terms of our businesses and careers, including two of the most critical issues in our industry: the change from video-specific technology to commodity information technology, and the question of what comes next on the screen, and what delivers the biggest bang for the buck?” Schubin notes, “Maybe it’s something a lot simpler than “4K.”  He concludes, “And, we’re spending a day with a provocative dive into one of the most important topics there is – color.”

Leon Silverman President of the HPA noted, “This year is a significant milestone for the HPA Tech Retreat as we look back over the incredible effect that technology has had on our industry over the past 20 years. As the world of film and television became increasingly impacted by computer and digital technologies, the HPA Tech Retreat served as an important common ground for our industry to experience and drive transformative change together. Now more than ever, the Tech Retreat serves as an important bridge between so many of the rapidly changing aspects of our industry. As I do every year, I look forward to spending time with the most interesting people I know, and ones I hope to know, at the HPA Tech Retreat.”

Early bird registration pricing will end on January 10 and the Tech Retreat demo room still has a few remaining spaces left. For full information and registration visit or call the HPA office at (213) 614-0860 or email Eileen Kramer –

About the HPA Tech Retreat®
The HPA Tech Retreat® is an informal gathering, in the Palm Springs area, of the top industry engineering, technical, and creative talent, as well as strategic business leaders focused on technology, from all aspects of digital cinema, post-production, film, television, video, broadcast, and related technology areas, for the exchange of information.

The HPA Tech Retreat® will be presented with generous support from Foundation Members: Avid, Company 3, Deluxe, Dolby, EFILM, Encore; Gold Sponsor: Rohde & Schwarz and Brand Sponsor: Cloud Sigma.

About the Hollywood Post Alliance®
Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) serves the professional community of businesses and individuals who provide expertise, support, tools and the infrastructure for the creation and finishing of motion pictures, television, commercials, digital media and other dynamic media content.


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