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9 2013 May

Netflix, Reed Hastings Survive Missteps to Join Silicon Valley’s Elite

On a normal weeknight, Netflix accounts for almost a third of all Internet traffic entering North American homes. That’s more than YouTube, Hulu,, HBO Go, iTunes, and BitTorrent combined.

Article on Bloomberg Businessweek:

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8 2013 May

Otis CG Reel 2013

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1 2013 May

IBM Researchers Complete Stop-Motion Short by Moving Atoms (Video)

The research behind this project could someday enable every movie ever made to be stored on a mobile device, says an IBM scientist.

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2 2013 Apr

NYCPP – Mark Schubin Delivers Entertaining Media History at Our March Event

NYCPP article by Dan Ochiva

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27 2013 Feb

DirecTV files trademark applications for industry’s first 4K network