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21 2018 Jun

Sky News Installs Ultimatte 12 for VR Studio Delivery

Blackmagic Design recently announced that Sky News UK has integrated a series of Ultimatte 12 compositing processors and an Ultimatte Smart Remote 4 to produce dynamic virtual studio segments for its award winning 24 hour rolling news cycle, in particular for its ‘Sunrise’ breakfast programming.

The installation forms part of a major relocation project, which saw the news broadcaster move to new, state of the art studio facilities within Sky Campus in West London. “Our key aim was not only to retain the extremely high quality production values that Sky News is renown for, but also to ensure that we were able to create depth, scale and variety when presenting news output,” explains Ben Wickham, head of studio output, Sky News.

The three walled greenscreen takes up around half of the studio, and is predominantly used for Sky News’ virtual news studio, built within a highly realistic 3D VR environment. Within the virtual set, a video wall can be deployed for welcome sequences, lead item discussions, correspondent reports, sports bulletins and weather forecasts.

Ben explains that this is where the cleanness of Ultimatte’s keying and spill suppression come into their own: “As well as a range of different presenters’ hair colors, skin tones and clothing, it has to deal with changes in camera angle, and greenspill from the three walls on presenters’ heads and shoes. The Ultimatte’s real time edge handling and color separation means that we can always be confident of the results on screen, no matter how many different VR studio slots we have in the running order.”

News programming in the studio is captured by five cameras, including two dedicated VR units; one on a jib and a pedestal unit operated remotely from the gallery. “Our VR elements have to be as flexible as possible, so we can cut between our VR camera signals and also transition between the virtual set and the presenters’ desk in the other half of the studio,” continues Ben. “The integration
between studio set and VR cameras has to be seamless.”

Sky News is already expanding its use of VR with Ultimatte 12 with enhancements to its editorial news elements, for example, creating a series of real life locations to recreate timelines of key news events. “Often we simply can’t film in these locations live, as they may still be an active crime scene, however by constructing a virtual recreation, we can have a presenter walk through the scene, giving the story an added dimension,” explains Ben.

“We chose Ultimatte 12 primarily because its precision, wide color space and real time image processing would match Sky News’ rigorous demands for production excellence at all times,” Ben concludes. “It’s critical that any VR elements we introduce into our studio productions retain as much authenticity as possible. Ultimatte’s flexibility, combined with high quality VR builds ensures that viewers will continue to turn to the channel as a reliable and information news source.”

21 2018 Jun

Leadership Changes at Avid

Avid welcomes Ken Gayron as Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President and elevates Jason Duva to Chief Legal and Administrative Officer & Executive Vice President 

Avid also introduces several key appointments and strengthens its executive team and senior leadership to create better functional alignment, improve operational execution and bring new leadership talent to the organization

Avid recently announced changes in its executive and senior leadership teams, including the appointment of its new chief financial officer and the creation of the chief legal and administrative officer role, as well as several strategic appointments across product development, supply chain management and a number of key corporate functions. These changes are designed to enhance Avid’s operational capabilities to better position the Company to drive growth and improve business performance.

New executive officers

Ken Gayron has joined Avid in the role of Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President. With substantial experience in software and technology, Mr. Gayron worked half of his career in senior finance management for public companies helping to drive cash flow, profitability and enterprise value, most recently having served as CFO and interim CEO for Numerex, playing an integral part of the leadership team that led that company’s sale to Sierra Wireless. Previously, he served as the CFO of Osmotica Pharmaceutical Corp. and also held senior finance roles with software and technology providers Sensus, Inc. and Nuance Communications. The first half of his career was in investment banking with UBS Investment Bank and CIBC World Markets. Mr. Gayron’s responsibilities include finance, accounting, treasury, indirect procurement, corporate development and investor relations. Brian Agle, who held the position of CFO & SVP since December 2016, has departed Avid to pursue other interests.

“I’m excited to welcome Ken and anticipate that his experience, skills and management style will quickly sharpen Avid’s focus and execution while helping to improve the outcomes for the Company, our customers and partners, as well as our shareholders,” said Jeff Rosica, Chief Executive Officer & President of Avid. “Avid has earned a strong and unique position in today’s large and growing market for media technology. Coinciding with my first 100 days as CEO, I’m pleased to announce these strategic appointments that will enhance our executive and senior leadership teams in order to reinforce our ability to better capitalize on the opportunities in front of us and optimize business performance.”

Additionally, Avid has consolidated the leadership of certain global corporate administrative functions and resources under Jason Duva, who has been promoted to the newly created role of Chief Legal and Administrative Officer & Executive Vice President. Mr. Duva has been with Avid since 2005 and, most recently, had served as General Counsel & Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. He is now responsible for legal, human resources, business operations, corporate IT and facilities, as well as the Company’s project management office, which spearheads cross-functional initiatives to improve operational performance.

Other executive team appointments

Avid has also taken several steps to better align executive leadership responsibilities for functional areas of its operations including:

To more tightly align technology investment with profitable growth and enable faster time to market, all aspects of Avid’s products and technology organizations are now unified under the leadership of Chief Product Officer Dana Ruzicka—from technology strategy through product portfolio management and engineering development to commercialization strategy. A 25-year industry veteran, Mr. Ruzicka’s responsibilities now include software and hardware engineering, program management, product management, solutions marketing and alliance partnerships.

To bring better focus on optimizing its global supply chain and improving its end-to-end processes and performance from order to delivery, Avid has promoted Dave Perillo to Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain Operations and elevated him to a member of the executive leadership team. Mr. Perillo joined Avid as Vice President of Global Supply Chain in 2017, bringing over 25 years’ experience in hardware and software technology supply chain management.

With the goal of driving cultural change and reshaping the Company’s workplace environment to foster a high performance culture, Avid has appointed Diana Brunelle as Chief Human Resources Officer & Vice President. Ms. Brunelle brings 25 years of human resources leadership, talent development and recruiting experience for companies including Arnold Worldwide and Digitas. With the addition of her background and expertise to the executive leadership, Avid will further develop a culture and environment that contributes equally to the success of the Company and each individual member of the Avid team globally.

Ms. Brunelle reports to Mr. Duva and Mr. Perillo reports to CEO Jeff Rosica. Both join the executive team which includes Duva, Gayron and Ruzicka, as well as Tom Cordiner, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, and Peter Ennis, Senior Vice President of Global Services & Support.

Several promotions within the senior leadership team

In line with its executive team changes, Avid also announced expanded responsibilities of several individuals on its senior leadership team with the following key promotions:

As a result of the elevation of Jason Duva, Avid announced the promotion of Alessandra Melloni to General Counsel & Vice President. She joined the Company’s legal team in 2014, most recently serving as Assistant General Counsel.

In line with the leadership changes in Avid’s products and technology functions, the Company has appointed industry veteran Tim Claman as Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Product Management, reporting to Dana Ruzicka. Previously, Mr. Claman was Avid’s Vice President of Platform & Solutions and has held numerous senior executive positions in the media technology industry.

Sharon McGowan-Spinelli has been promoted to the newly created role of Vice President of Business Operations, reporting to Mr. Duva, to drive better alignment, performance and efficiency of its business operations under a united, shared resource organization to support the Company’s sales, marketing, services, products and technology functions. Ms. McGowan-Spinelli previously held the role of Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Operations and Enablement for Avid.

Rosica concluded, “As we prepare Avid to better convert its market opportunities into more demonstrable results today and in the future, all of our organizational announcements will help to reshape our executive team and senior management in order to lead this charge. We’re grateful for the efforts and service of Brian during his tenure at Avid, and we wish him well.”


21 2018 Jun

YEP Talk: What’s Trending in VR/AR? The View from NAB, VRLA and AWE

by Jyotsna Kadimi, Technical Product Manager, YBVR

HPA_YEP_Logo_ForPosts-692x262I was almost nostalgic when I walked into Los Angeles Convention Center for VRLA. The event brought back memories from USC and the connections built there during graduate school and as president of the VR student club (VRSC).  My first visit to VRLA was as a new graduate student at USC.  This year, I walked in as a young professional working for a Silicon Valley VR startup.

2015 was the height of the VR2.0 wave; it was a great time to get into VR. In 2016 I was actively doing VR/AR/MR projects in media companies and university research labs.  Yet, when I was asked whether the industry would go first in the VR or AR direction or where the future lay, I would say towards ‘mixed reality,’ because I honestly saw it that way. Now in 2018, ‘mixed reality’ is defined differently by different audiences – for some MR is advanced AR, to others MR is mixing VR video and players’ live-action video captured with green screen. So, we all seem to agree that the term ‘XR’ (also referred as eXtended Reality) is a better umbrella term for immersive (excluding augmented virtuality and diminished reality for now – google that!).

The state of VR remains a constant topic of conversation in the industry.  Perhaps VR is ‘not doing great’ and AR is what is becoming big, now and in the near future. One of the reasons the VR industry has been struggling with adoption is because the headsets are heavy and pricy, among other bottlenecks.

Having kind of seen the rise and relative fall of VR (it’s not dying), I walked into VRLA with renewed hope to see what’s in store, because hey, the new standalone headsets are hitting the market – light, portable, better screens, better optics and affordable. There is no denying that the arrival of Spielberg’s Ready Player One at the same time as the Oculus Go headset has been a blessing for the VR industry!

At its launch in 2014, VRLA started small with 100 attendees.  It was organized by USC undergrads Cosmo Scharf and his friends. Rumor has it that the first year took place in a parking lot!  Scharf dropped out of school to dedicate his energies to his own startup and to this event.  VRLA now bills itself as the biggest VR expo, boasting 12,000 attendees.

During this year’s keynote, Scharf referenced a scene in Ready Player One where everyone in the real world wears headsets, calling for the creatives and technologists in the audience to take responsibility for how our technology transforms the world.

Some other thoughts on what I saw at VRLA 2018:

Despite a keynote on how AR was white hot, there wasn’t much AR there – no Mira, no DAQRI, no Magic Leap, few HoloLens and WMR experiences. However, we saw all of them and many more at AWE 2018!

Location-based VR with multi-player games have matured. This is the best time to enter Esports VR.

Social VR and avatars are also improving – they were virtually present at VRLA to give demos. Yes, we truly live in a virtual world! There was real-time PokerVR tournament, and several booths had real-time VR tours and demonstrations by real-people avatars from their remote locations.

6DoF (six degrees of freedom) is on the rise. 3DoF seems quaint now. Games featured for Pico, Vive Focus, Lenevo Mirage Solo. This week ViveFocus announced that it had sold the most units in China and is now the top headset next to Pico. Leading creative studios such as Dragons, Felix & Paul are focusing on 6DoF live-action experiences

Light-field capture (by GoogleVR) is amazing! You can see the reflection and lighting change in real-time as you move your head in 6DoF. It feels very natural and realistic to the human eye.

VR distributors are making deals to white-label content created by Vimeo 360 and YouTube 360 video creators.

Meditation VR is a thing now! There was a large dedicated area organized by Anshul Pendse, my USC colleague. Only a few of the experiences were video-based, and one was so relaxing I fell asleep in 10 minutes. Anshul was working on his own immersive audio project called Inner Activity as a PhD student at USC.  He graduated and kept working on the project and reached out to others doing similar work in meditation, healing and relaxation through VR. Now his single inner activity installation is accompanied by 10+ such demos in a dedicated space on the expo floor!

Partnership is the new way to go. Many 360 content creators, VR communities and tech companies are making open calls. Kumar Kausik, head of commercial VR/AR at Intel and GM of Wireless Charging, showcased the “Future Classroom,” which has involved partnerships with Sansar Studio (which did Intel’s VR theater at CES), the Smithsonian, Linden Labs, and Sundance Film Festival, and announced there is an open call for more partnerships.

Radiant Images showcased “Macro VR” footage that looked amazing, and demo’ed FUNIQUE, an e2e live action solution for 6DoF. Ricoh Theta, which makes consumer 360 cameras, announced a switch to Android’s OS to allow users to make their own plugins in Android Studio.

At NAB 2018 we saw new 360 cameras from Kodak, Vuze, Insta, YiHalo, Kandao and Samsung: their new 4K live-streaming capabilities.

VRARA (Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Association) hosted their VRLA after-party event. It had a good demo showcase of different companies – mostly gaming on standalone 3DoF and 6DoF headsets and AR for entertainment.

Some VR companies that have been consistent attendees at VRLA were missing at this year’s event.  They are downsizing or going out of business.

Even at NAB2018, last year’s AR/VR Pavilion changed to Immersive Storytelling Pavilion to accommodate for XR. And the show floor was not buzzing like last year. The area was much smaller, with more participation from newer companies. It’s hard to say whether the exhibitors from previous years who were absent this year evolved their business models and chose to be at events more relevant to their niche, or they are not doing well and that’s why we don’t see them anymore, or they are busy secretly building for the next big move!

The Augmented World Expo (AWE), hosted by Superventures for the past nine years, claims to be the world’s largest and no.1 AR/VR showcase. This year’s theme was clear: Go XR or Go Home! There was an AWE playground with multi-player games, room-scale experiences, and fun holographic and AR experiences. There were VR dancing classes, snap chat lenses studio, arcade shooting games and of course VR for relaxation, as well as a lot of enterprise use-cases!

21 2018 Jun

Kees van Oostrum to Lead American Society of Cinematographers for Third Term

Board Votes in 2018-2019 Officers


The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) has re-elected Kees van Oostrum as president, who will serve his third consecutive term at the organization.

The ASC Board also re-upped its roster of officers for 2018-2019, including Bill Bennett, John Simmons and Cynthia Pusheck as vice presidents; Levie Isaacks as treasurer; David Darby as secretary; and Isidore Mankofsky as sergeant-at-arms.

“During this past year at the ASC, we have been steadfastly focused on educational events, international outreach, and efforts to promote diversity and inclusion,” notes van Oostrum. “These all support our mission of loyalty, progress and artistry. As we look ahead, we plan to usher in the 100th anniversary of the ASC in a way that commemorates our heritage and positions our members to maintain a leadership role in the evolution of the art and craft of image making.”

Van Oostrum initiated and chairs the ASC Master Class program, which has expanded to locations worldwide under his presidency. The Master Classes take place several times a year and are taught exclusively by ASC members. It is designed for cinematographers with an intermediate-to-advanced skill set, and incorporates practical, hands-on demonstrations of lighting and camera techniques with essential instruction in current workflow practices.

The ASC Vision Committee, founded during van Oostrum’s first term, continues to organize successful symposiums that encourage diversity and inclusion on camera crews, and also offers networking opportunities. The most recent was a standing-room-only event that explored practical and progressive ideas for changing the face of the industry. The Society will continue to host more of these activities during the coming years.

Van Oostrum has earned two Primetime Emmy® nominations for his work on the telefilms Miss Rose White and Return to Lonesome Dove. His peers chose the latter for a 1994 ASC Outstanding Achievement Award. Additional ASC Award nominations for his television credits came for The Burden of Proof, Medusa’s Child, and Spartacus. He also shot the Emmy®-winning documentary The Last Chance.

A native of Amsterdam, van Oostrum studied at the Dutch Film Academy with an emphasis on both cinematography and directing, and went on to earn a scholarship sponsored by the Dutch government, which enabled him to enroll the American Film Institute (AFI). Van Oostrum broke into the industry shooting television documentaries for several years. He has subsequently compiled a wide range of some 80-plus credits, including movies for television and the cinema, such as Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, and occasional documentaries. He recently wrapped the final season of TV series The Fosters.

The 2018-2019 Board who voted in this election include: John Bailey, Paul Cameron, Russell Carpenter, Curtis Clark, Dean Cundey, George Spiro Dibie, Stephen Lighthill, Lowell Peterson, Roberto Schaefer, John Toll, and Amelia Vincent. Alternate Board members are Karl-Walter Lindenlaub, Stephen Burum, David Darby, Charlie Lieberman, and Eric Steelberg.

The ASC has over 20 committees driving the organization’s initiatives, such as the award-winning Motion Imaging Technology Council (MITC), and the Educational and Outreach committee.

For additional information about the ASC, visit


21 2018 Jun

HPA Creative Tech UK: The Event London Has Been Waiting For

By Barney MacDonald

What are you up to on Wednesday 27th June?

HPATRUK_Logo_ForPosts-692x262I’ll be at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho, and I really think you should join me. HPA is hosting an event for folks just like you in the M&E industry, who love storytelling on the big and the small screen, and have more than a passing curiosity for the tech that makes it possible.

Folks including me and a not insignificant number of fellow Brits fly into Palm Springs every February for the incomparable HPA Tech Retreat, immersing ourselves in the collective mindset of the most experienced, and yet most innovative and disruptive people in our community, including around 450 of the industry’s top creative and technology leaders and consultants and up and coming young talent. It’s a little glimpse of what’s to come, like a private screening 6 months before the movie comes out.

Not long ago, it became clear that since London plays one of the most important roles in the global industry, maybe they should return the favour and fly over to see us, and shake things up over here too – and thus was born HPA Creative Tech UK. They’ve put together a programme of talks and demonstrations that will both educate and entertain, and at the same time you will meet some of the most influential and disruptive companies and individuals who are in the process of changing the way stories are told forever. Those rare folks who seem to know what the future holds and whose ideas shape it for the rest of us.

What they’re not going to do is tell you how great the cloud is, or how blockchain will change your life. They’re going to give you a live demo of how ex-hackers have helped us develop some of the finest security systems on the planet, and how some creatively minded individuals took a 20 year old mobile phone technology and did something completely new with it. You’ll be introduced to the guy who edited Baby Driver and his brilliant and innovative mind, and also a group of women who have some fascinating perspectives on AI and how it will shape the way we tell stories in the future. There’s an insightful review of this year’s CES in Vegas and how consumer tech and the demands made on it are shaping our professional equipment and workflows. There’s also some important information about the new cornerstone of our industry, IMF, and a how we are overcoming the challenges that HDR is bringing to the world of production.

Once they’ve finished sharing, there will be drinks and some excellent food, and the opportunity to meet the folks you’ve just been listening to, as well all the other brilliant folks who are there alongside you. In the US, the HPA Tech Retreat is regarded as both the most enjoyable and the most useful event in the industry’s calendar. It’s only a matter of time before the UK feels the same way about HPA Creative Tech UK.

Register now! Walk-ins are also welcome.

21 2018 Jun

An Update from HPA President Seth Hallen

Seth HallenBy Debra Kaufman

It’s time for another update from the HPA Board, and Newsline had an opportunity to speak to HPA President Seth Hallen about the many activities the organization has been up to in 2018.

The organization is readying for HPA Creative Tech U.K. in London on June 27. This year, says Hallen, the event is taking place at the Ham Yard Hotel in the heart of Soho. The event has also streamlined its focus from two to one day, with a variety of top tier speakers diving into important topics and sessions.

Paul Machliss, ACE, who most recently edited the award-winning Baby Driver, will present the keynote. Machliss will describe his creative approach and talk about the previsualization tools he used.

Cybersecurity is top of everyone’s mind, and renowned ethical hacker FC will be hacking live from an undisclosed location to the Ham Yard audience. Working with his partner, socio-technical expert Dr. Jessica Barker, the two will “demystify cyber insecurity while discussing and demonstrating the who, how and why of hacking.” DPP’s Mark Harrison, will present a view of the latest industry developments through the lens of CES 2018. “He has an interesting view of the industry and has done a remarkable job predicting trends,” says Hallen, who invited Harrison to present at the HPA Tech Retreat after hearing him speak at the U.K. event.

Another presentation will focus on the role that artificial intelligence is playing in driving storytelling, featuring Arvato Systems’ Yvonne Thomas, FeedForward AI’s Lydia Gregory, Sundog Media Toolkit’s Dr. Joanne Kitson, and Elucidata’s Laura Domicevica. “I’m really looking forward to this one,” says Hallen. “For many people, this may be the first time they’ll have been able to take a deep dive into AI’s growing impact on the industry.” There are a few spots still available for the HPA Creative Tech U.K., adds Hallen, who encourages those interested to join the event, walk-ins are welcome.

Preparations for the annual HPA Awards –  November 15 at the Skirball Cultural Center, LA – are in full swing. “Entries for the Creative categories will be accepted until July 13.” says Hallen. “We had over 450 submissions in the Creative category last year, which was a record – and we might have another record this year.”  He notes that the Engineering Excellence Awards judging presentations were held recently, hosted at IMAX. Winners will be announced imminently.

The fifth annual Women in Posts summer series of lunches and meetings has already begun.  The group continues to grow, reports Hallen, and its events sell out quickly.

The latest NET (Networking, Education, Technology) event took place on June 7, hosted by Microsoft in Playa Vista. “This NET was organized like the HPA Tech Retreat’s breakfast roundtables,” says Hallen, who noted that 100 attendees could move to three different tables during the lunch. Table topics included several devoted to AR/VR, standards, metadata, and the cloud.  The next NET event is scheduled for October 4.

The HPA’s premiere event of the year is the HPA Tech Retreat.  This year, the Tech Retreat moved to a new venue, the JW Marriott in Palm Desert. The Monday TR-X event, a Tech Retreat eXtra event organized by Mark Chiolis and Craig German, covered machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the Tech Retreat itself featured organizer Mark Schubin’s well-curated program. Hallen points out that this Retreat’s Friday program was particularly stellar, including a panel on “Virtual Cinematography and Storytelling Images” featuring Unity Technologies head of cinematics Adam Myhill along with DigitalFilm Tree’s Rami Katrib and EFILM’s Joachim “JZ” Zell.  “Adam showed how the game engine Unity applies to real-time production and rendering of CG filmmaking,” says Hallen. “JZ acted as director, directing a scene that they played out immediately in 4K – very impressive!” Hallen also points out that Mark Harrison predicted future trends, and other sessions focused on detection of modified video, immersion and singularity, and perceptual fatigue in film, broadcast and VR.  Hallen notes that news about the 2019 Tech Retreat will start to roll out this fall.  The 2019 Tech Retreat will return to the JW Marriot in Palm Desert.

Finally, Hallen is keen to draw attention to the strong focus HPA has on the next generation, especially with its Young Entertainment Professionals (YEP) program and its HPA mentors. “Foremost on our agenda is our support of the next generation of professionals,” he says. “We put a lot of energy into building YEP, which has seen terrific growth and interest.” Young professionals who are accepted into the program get a wealth of benefits, including one free day at the Palm Springs HPA Tech Retreat and another at the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference, as well as a chance to attend the HPA Awards, and, of course, network and connect with HPA members. “We’ve had our first two YEP classes,” says Hallen. “And the third will be announced in the fall.  The idea now is to get the graduates of our first and second classes engaged as full-fledged members of the HPA community. Our great energy around the next generation initiatives will ensure HPA’s relevance and support a great future for our industry.”

As we all know, GDPR has wreaked havoc with mailing lists around the world. To ensure you stay up to date with these exciting developments and more at HPA, please visit our website to update your subscription status.

23 2018 May

Blue Collar Post Collective Gains Co-President, Refreshed Board

BCPC logoEditor Chelsea Taylor Becomes Co-President of Major Film and TV Non-Profit

The Blue Collar Post Collective announced the revision and expansion of their leadership including the promotion of New York-based editor Chelsea Taylor to Co-President.

A long time committee member serving the New York BCPC community, Taylor shifts to the remaining vacancy on the Executive Committee, joining Co-President Kylee Peña and Treasurer Gaby Allen in the central leadership of the entire organization.

Taylor added: “Joining the Blue Collar Post Collective at such an early stage in my career has been instrumental to my growth, and I am excited to impact other people the way this community has impacted me. Through my work with BCPC over the past three years, I have seen the effect that cultivating a strong, supportive, and diverse community can have on someone’s individual path to success, and on the larger industry. I’m excited to keep spreading our mission to even more people as we continue to rapidly expand.”

An annual review and refresh of the board concluded in some additional changes. Co-founder and editor Janis Vogel has been promoted to chair of the board. New board members include editor Monica Daniel, John Eremic (HBO), editor Norman Hollyn ACE (USC), and online editor Peter Amies to our board! They will join previous members film historian Bobbie O’Steen, Leo De Wolff (Netflix), media thought leader Katie Hinsen, and DI producer and deputy chair James Reyes (Goldcrest).

As the largest grassroots non-profit that supports emerging post production professionals, Blue Collar Post Collective continues to expand its programs, meet-ups, and educational events in order to change the face of what an expert looks like in the post industry. Since last summer, the group has doubled its membership, expanded from New York and LA to London, and provided half a dozen lower-income working professionals with financial support to attend events like NAB Show, Sight Sound & Story, and EditFest LA through a Professional Development Accessibility Program.

For more information, contact the Blue Collar Post Collective


23 2018 May

DigitalFilm Tree Adds Colorist Rick Dalby

Rick Dalby

Rick Dalby

Rick Dalby has come on board DigitalFilm Tree as a Senior Colorist. He has already began working on the hit show “Roseanne” as well as TBS’ “Wrecked.” Additionally, he is collaborating on “NCIS: LA” and “Angie Tribeca.”

Dalby comes to DigitalFilm Tree from NBCUniversal with prior tenure at Modern VideoFilm and Laser Pacific. He has served as final colorist for such iconic shows as “Cheers,” “The Wonder Years,” “Friends,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Parenthood” and “Friday Night Lights,” for which he was nominated for an HPA Award for Outstanding Color Grading – Television.

“We are thrilled that Rick has joined our team,” says Ramy Katrib, CEO/Founder of DFT. “He is one of the top colorists in the industry and continues to build amazing relationships with DPs and producers through his outstanding creative work.”

“I enjoy working at DFT because it’s a boutique facility and our team is very collaborative,” says Dalby of his move to DigitalFilm Tree. “I also like that we are a beta test site for Black Magic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, so I actually get to test out new builds and give feedback.”

Read More
23 2018 May

AMIA’s Digital Asset Symposium Presents A Powerful Lineup of Creative and Technological Case Studies

Two Keynotes, Netflix’s “Bobby Kennedy for President” and Crowdsourcing for Data Collection, Join Archive, Data Science, and Object Storage Discussions

The Association of Moving Image Archivists’ Digital Asset Symposium (DAS) returns to New York on June 6, presenting a full day of discussions sharply focused on today’s most compelling topics in asset management. The daylong event will take place once again at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

The power of DAS is in its real-world, case-study driven presentations that explore the many facets of the life-cycle of content – from collection and maintenance strategies to delivery with the purpose of reaching new, bigger audiences. The sessions are led by top experts in the field at work on important projects.

AMIA has announced its initial lineup of DAS presentations:

Keynote Panel: The Making of Netflix’s Bobby Kennedy for President

Presenters: Laura Michalchyshyn, Executive Producer; Rich Remsburg, Archival Producer;

Elizabeth Wolff, Producer; and Joshua Pearson, Editor
Moderator: Matthew White, Executive Director, ACSIL and co-producer of The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

On April 25, a courageous team of filmmakers premiered their long-anticipated four-episode documentary series on a true giant of American history. The filmmakers explored a deep wilderness of archival media and found creative inspiration in the search itself. Bobby Kennedy for President is a stunningly important demonstration of archival storytelling and a true contribution to film preservation and the historical record. This special panel assembles at DAS on the day of RFK’s passing, 50 years after his assassination attempt on June 4.

Keynote Presentation: Truth is a Lie

Presenters: Professor Lora Aroyo, VU University, Columbia Data Science/head of science at Tagasauris, Inc.; and Professor Dr. Chris Welty, senior research scientist at Google in New York, VU University

There is no single notion of truth, but rather a spectrum that has to account for context, opinions, perspectives and shades of grey. Media organizations looking to bridge the gap between their services and the needs of the users need to harness the full spectrum of truth and data is at the center of every process. Cultural heritage and media companies have traditionally been driven by expert professionals, following a top-down approach to offering content online. However, users and their media habits are a rich source of knowledge. This session explores how to harness, understand and integrate critical curation in the business models.

National Hockey League: Bringing a Century of NHL Content to Life

Presenter: Dan Piro, Director of Digital Asset Archive, NHL

For the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Centennial Celebration, over 250,000 hours of audio/visual content, a half-million still images, and over a million documents had to be digitized and ingested, as well as merged with an existing archive of born-digital asset and new content being created daily. The new system made materials more accessible and allows the NHL to serve its internal departments and broadcast partners, improving licensing abilities and tying assets together around games or events.

Smart Stacking of Data and Information Science

Presenter: Sally Hubbard, PBS, Metadata Architect

Organizations struggle with intelligently layering data science into their existing technological and informational ecosystem and its potential to partner it with information science domain technologies and activities- semantic tools or metadata schema and vocabulary development- and with enterprise information management (EIM) and data governance initiatives. The panel will bring more clarity to what data, metadata, data science, library and information science, analytics, semantics and other terms really mean, in what context, and how to smartly stack the domains together, examining the strengths and weaknesses of each – what kinds of problems each is the best match for; how one can support the other; and some of the particular issues faced when dealing with media content.

Montreux Jazz Digital Project – From a Patrimony to an Innovation Platform
Presenters: Dr. Alain Dufaux, Head of Metamedia Center EPFL; Erik Weaver, Global Director,

M&E Market Development, Western Digital (HGST)

In a two-part session exploring object storage and how it fits in to the expanding archive environment, using the Montreux Jazz Festival as a case study.  Since 1967, audiovisual recordings of the Montreux Jazz Festival, including many of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, have been made. The collection was inscribed on the 2013 UNESCO memory of the world register. Over 5,000 hours of ‘live’ concerts were recorded in state-of-the-art broadcast quality, of which a large part exists as multi-tracks.

Bridge the Gap: Unite Content and Customer Intelligence for Audience Engagement and Growth

Presenter: Randa Minkarah, COO, Transform

In order to identify the levers that increase engagement and audience, content owners need to jump the chasm between analysis of their content and audience response. To accomplish this, they must face down a massive engineering hurdle, which existing solutions do not solve – too much disparate data in too many places; too little insight into the meaningful attributes of content; emergent media companies (Netflix and Amazon) building their content empires on top of powerful engineering. Learn how to bridge the gap and go from tons of data to real insight.

Chair Nick Gold notes, “A media asset – which is essentially the core of what we are discussing – is incredibly significant. It becomes part of the human story and crucial in the hands of the storyteller. The work that we will be discussing at DAS brings together not just the elements of these incredible stories, but just as importantly, the story of how we work on them – how they are maintained, how they are shared, how they are managed, and how they can be promoted to tell important stories.

Our work connects communities, preserves legacies, and challenges perceptions. These assets have a huge purpose, and it is our goal to recognize and promote it as well as those who work on them.”

The Symposium kicks off at 9:00 a.m., and continues until 5:00 p.m., when a cocktail reception begins.

Dennis Doros, President of AMIA, notes, “Thanks to Nick Gold and his curatorial team, this year’s DAS presentations are as diverse as Robert Kennedy, the National Hockey League and the Montreux Jazz Festival, while ranging from technological advancements to highly relevant social topics. Yet there is a commonality in the case studies: how do we as individuals or part of an organization approach the challenges and opportunities in today’s digital asset milieu? AMIA is the only place with a sharp and intense focus on preserving, managing and making accessible an astonishingly wide variety of moving image assets, that are increasing exponentially every day, across a wide variety of disciplines. Now is the time to tackle these technological, pragmatic and ethical questions and harness the tools at our disposal. DAS gives our community the essential forum to explore topics and technologies that are critical to the preservation and access to our moving image heritage.”

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DAS addresses the full life cycle of the media asset – from content creation to rights management to assuring asset preservation – with speakers and case studies that address what works in the real world. Each part of the life cycle impacts the next and DAS is the only place where everyone is part of the conversation – content creators, post-production, systems designers, archives, asset managers – where commercial meets nonprofit and corporate meets public.


As the world’s largest international association of professional media archivists, AMIA is uniquely poised to bring together a broad range of experts. Members represent film studios, corporate and national archives, historical societies, labs, post production, universities, footage libraries and more. Because of this diverse membership, AMIA provides an opportunity to interact with every facet of the field and a single forum to address the best ways to preserve our media assets. Visit for more information, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@AMIAnet) or YouTube.

23 2018 May

OWNZONES Unifies OWNZONES Connect with its Consumer Video Applications for Powerful, Cloud-Based Solution



Newly Integrated Services Allow for Real-Time Changes to the Content Discovery Experience, Helping Content Creators Engage and Monetize Audiences

As part of its continued efforts to revolutionize the management and distribution of digital content for studios and rights holders, OWNZONES Media Network has integrated two of its most powerful tools into one formidable solution. The OTT EntTech company has unified its cloud-based OWNZONES Connect™ media logistics platform with its consumer video applications. This allows content creators to cut costs and manage content discovery by leveraging OWNZONES’ app framework no matter what technology they are currently using.

“By essentially re-architecting our backend and API, we are now leveraging the latest technologies for improved scalability and flexibility,” said Aaron Sloman, Chief Technology Officer at OWNZONES. “Unifying our OWNZONES Connect and consumer video applications allows for real-time changes to the content and content discovery experience that also helps engage and monetize audiences.”

Among the biggest highlights touted as part of OWNZONES’ newly unified services:

  • A choice of ready-to-use design templates that can have an app quickly up and running based on the most effective layout for the client’s target audience.
  • The ability to instantly localize an app to multiple regions by simply selecting them from the console, eliminating the need to develop different apps for each language. All major world cities included. Plus, geo-restriction options to prevent access by regions where content is not licensed or available.
  • A cloud-based data warehouse and analytics integrations, which allow OWNZONES to create a better experience for users and gain insights around content performance and trends.

420TV App 1                                   420TV App 2

“From the beginning, we have found ways to transform the experience for those hoping to manage and distribute content in the OTT and mobile space,” said Dan Goman, CEO of OWNZONES. “In unifying our OWNZONES Connect and consumer video applications, we’re taking this to a whole new level – giving our clients access to features like instant localization, analytics integration and more.”

Today’s news follows the announcement of two new OWNZONES Connect features – Cloud ProRes Previewer & ProRes Based IMF Packaging. These tools allow customers with entire libraries of content mastered in ProRes format to leverage the power of IMF in record time and without incurring massive conversion costs.

Magnolia App Welcome                                       Magnolia App Channels

As the post-production processing continues to migrate to the cloud, OWNZONES is taking a leadership position in introducing many cloud-based features with its proprietary platform, OWNZONES Connect. With years of research invested in the platform, OWNZONES Connect is designed to conform and distribute digital content in the most efficient and streamlined way possible to all devices. It also acts as a post house in the cloud with state-of-the-art features in editing, conversion and encoding, motion graphics, sound mixing and editing.

More specifically, OWNZONES Connect features an array of capabilities that work in conjunction with each other to create the ultimate post house in the cloud for IMF. This includes the Cloud IMF transcoder, the Native Cloud CPL Builder, Cloud-based CPL Source Previewer, Cloud-based IMF Playback, Supplemental Packager and Elastic Parallel Transcoding.